Opinion“Art of Abu Dhabi”. Beauty spaces

“Art of Abu Dhabi”. Beauty spaces


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Manarat Al Saadiyat recently witnessed the launch of the 14th Art of Abu Dhabi exhibition, the largest since its inception, with a record participation of 78 galleries from 27 countries and the presence of a group of eminent artists. A team of curators and gallery coordinators that includes renowned art critic and philosophy professor Rashida Trick, gallery director Jade Yeshim Turanli and art journalist Ricarda Mandarini. The exhibition features works by artists from North Africa, Turkey and the region. The exhibition continues until the 20th of this month. Al-Ittihad met with some of the invited artists and creators and asked their opinion on this great artistic event and its cultural and aesthetic significance.

On the most important stages that influenced the history of art, art appraiser Rashida Al-Trik says: All civilizations have known from their beginnings great and influential periods that left their mark throughout their history, and there are many and varied studies. In this sense, indicating that some modern plastic arts were born first in Western civilization and grew later, acquired a cosmic dimension and went through several stages in their history, which was confirmed by international studies in art history.
Al-Trik believes that the most influential stage in the development of art and art history in general is the Renaissance period of the 14th century in Italy, because it created what is called Musnad painting and freed art from it. symbolic and ritual purposes and opened the door to formal artistic revolutions. It is probably the source of modern and postmodern art, including contemporary art.

The impact of technology
And how does al-Tariq see the scope of technology’s influence on the visual arts? He says: Technology has been a major factor in the development of art since the industrial revolution, and revolutions in art history have kept pace with technological development and this can be seen in the pattern of its continued use by artists. , emphasizing that effective influence on the pattern of artistic creation is widely found in the new technologies that opened the doors to modernity The emergence of new qualities of art, as it allowed the digitization of art and made it accessible to all, and created tactile digital museums, for the art to be available for viewing on a wider scale. Add and explain that creativity is related to the development of these new technologies, the use of digital cameras, smartphones, electronic software, communication networks and others. All of this has changed the nature of creative behavior in general. The critic Al-Triq points out that he showed in his research that art, under the influence of this technology, opened its specializations and joined forces to become a creative with diverse skills, through what he calls “the convergence of creativity”. 🇧🇷
And on Rashida Al-Turaiq’s visit to Abu Dhabi and how he sees it locally and globally, he says: Nobody doubts the greatness of Abu Dhabi now, after the great and amazing achievements that were achieved thanks to his wise leadership. 🇧🇷 I am not referring here only to economic and social development, but also to Abu Dhabi’s remarkable intellectual leap, a leap that we notice in many areas of culture, as we notice in the number of universities and in education in general, such as. as well as festivals and cultural days. And he says that the most important thing that caught his attention was this great interest in art. The existence of several museums and successive art galleries is, in fact, a mirror that reflects the state and development of art in the world. I am very happy to be here in happy country to attend Abu Dhabi Art Fair in Manarat Al Saadiyat.

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Take a look at the art… a lot
Upon meeting the artist Abdullah Al-Saad and knowing whether his art is inspired by the characteristics of nature or the social environment, he states: I believe that the place “the environment in which the artist lives” plays a fundamental role. Inspiring ideas that are reflected in many works that the artist performs throughout his creative life. By currently living in a rural agricultural area, surrounded by mountains and trees, I am connected to social norms and traditions, as well as my childhood story, which are many. Works that portray this story through the painting of landscapes, insects, birds and plants. There are also works that describe important aspects of the city’s history and confirm its history, for example: works, naked vandals, sweet potatoes, letters from my mother (a means of social communication in the past – signs), stone soles (expressing the social transformations that occurred in society in the use of traditional footwear, with a more expensive base), explaining that through these works of art we read history, write it and record its multiple vocabularies and diaries.
About artist Al-Saad’s vision of the great development of the emirates, he says: In fifty years there have been social and economic transformations, during which many arts were performed and this was reflected in the life of each artist. From looking for an atelier (workshop) to buying a painting, paints and other tools, because they didn’t exist before, and many questions arose: Why does an artist paint? And who does he paint for? And what’s the point? There was no communication between the artists and the existence of artistic associations interested in the artists and the creation of art exhibitions, but over the years the economy and income improved and the artistic situation became more prosperous due to the existence of associations and museums . And with the growing interest from state and community institutions, art has flourished with the presence of many channels, for example: «Art Dubai Art of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Biennale, participation in the Venice Biennale and others.

Meditation and absorption.
About the artistic characteristics between the local environment and the degree of global influence, the artist Al-Saadi says: For each artist there is a general identity and a special identity, and each creator has his own style. The limits of identity and this is reflected in the work he produces. For him as an artist, he explains, there are works that are associated with contemplation and reflection.
Artist Al-Saadi emphasized that what can be expressed through a painting can be drawn or written through journals and much more. He believes that the global art movement has a great influence on artists because the artist is interacting, being active and participating with others.

digital art and culture
Among the pioneers specializing in art spaces and their interaction with digital culture, Al Ittihad also had an encounter with Dr. Omar Khalif, to convey his artistic experience in the world of “metaversion” and the new effects that technology has brought to the good arts, says: The digital world changed the way people interact with art decades ago, but the big turning point occurred in the third millennium, when museums began using their websites to present art to a global audience. Since then, these influences have continued to spread unevenly around the world, giving artists more freedom to release their work across multiple platforms.
On the vision of ‘Abu Dhabi Art’ and its local and global importance, he says: My journey with Abu Dhabi Art started in 2017 when I was the first guest curator of the Abu Dhabi Art Exhibition and led the section. ‘Espacios’ for three years and since then I am the first. added the doctor. Khalifa said he highly appreciates Abu Dhabi Art Director Diyala Nusaybeh’s efforts in continuing the exhibition’s development and his special focus on supporting artists from the region to shed more light on their ideas and the artistic concepts they represent.
It should be noted that Dr. Omar Khalif has published several highly popular books on contemporary digital culture, compiling a curriculum spanning nearly two decades. His new book, Art and the Internet: From the Origins of the Web to the Emergence of Irreplaceable Symbols, will be published by Faidon in late 2023. Dr. Khalif has coordinated and directed dozens of exhibitions on digital culture. themes from around the world, perhaps most notably the ‘Electronic Highway’ exhibition in 2016 at the Whitechapel Art Gallery in London and most recently the ‘Art in a Time of Anxiety’ exhibition at the Sharjah Art Foundation in the UAE. Emirates.

Source: Al Ittihad

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