Opinion“Dubai Culture” ..sites full of “Spirit of Unity”.

“Dubai Culture” ..sites full of “Spirit of Unity”.


Dubai (Union)

Dubai’s arts and cultural body, Dubai Culture, will host cultural and artistic performances, and others inspired by local heritage, at all of its affiliated venues to celebrate the 51st United Arab Emirates Day of Unity from 2 to 2 December, through it I will highlight the “Spirit of Union” and express loyalty to the State and incorporate the authentic patrimonial values ​​of the local culture. This is part of their responsibility aimed at strengthening the national identity in hearts. of the local community.

creation of fellow citizens
Through a series of celebrations hosted by Dubai Culture at the Etihad Museum, Al Fahidi Historic Quarter, Al Shindagha Museum and Hatta Heritage Village, the Authority sheds light on local lifestyle, heritage and culture and presents a beautiful portrait of the local community . , its customs, traditions and the creativity of the people of the country to fulfill commitments that aim to consolidate Dubai globally as a family destination, creativity incubator and talent meeting point.
During this period, the Etihad Museum will wear the colors of the Emirates flag and open its patio doors to all segments of the public to relive the moment of signing the Declaration of Union 51 years ago, accompanying the group. Artistic performances by popular bands, enjoy the rhythms of the “Emirates Youth Symphony Orchestra” and participate in the “Second December” and “Emirati Passport” workshops. Where they will know the details of the Etihad Museum, its properties and historical importance.

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creative seasons
As for the Shindagh Museum, it brings family members together, taking them on special trails that retrace ancestral paths, stopping at many creative stations full of patriotism. The beginning of the tracks will be the “Dubai Creek: The Rise of a City” house and the “Perfume House”, where family members meet the “pearl dealer” and the “people’s doctor” and participate in the “manufacturing”. The “Paper Towns” event at the Shindagh Museum Visitor Center, once in the historic district of Shindagh, opens its outdoor courtyards for visitors to witness traditional handicrafts such as al-sadu, tali, engraving and metal engraving, fabric. and burqa loans, as well as live performances showing methods of making karakiri.

several events
The corridors of the historic quarter of Al-Fahidi will be filled with the rhythms of the “Military Music Band”, which will perform several performances during the “Squeak” tour through the historic center, while your guests will watch folk dances and performances by chivalry bands. 🇧🇷 In addition to the various activities presented by “Khanjar House” and “Sheikh Muhammad Center”. Bin Rashid Al Maktoum for Civilization Communication, “Al-Fahidi House of Fine Arts” and “Al-Khaimah Heritage Restaurant”.
At Hatta Heritage Village, Dubai’s culture embraces the people of the country and introduces them to a variety of activities that open their eyes to the creativity of productive families and folk groups, as well as the local gastronomic event.
It is worth mentioning that the activities of the 51st Union Day at the Union Museum start from exactly ten in the morning until 8:00 in the evening, and the activities of the Shindagh Museum at ten in the morning. at 20:00, while activities at Al Fahidi Historic Area start at exactly 9:00 in the morning, and activities at Hatta Heritage Village start at 15:30.

Source: Al Ittihad

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