OpinionSee: How artisans maintain Kuncuchi China

See: How artisans maintain Kuncuchi China


Potters in Jingdezhen, China invented a magical way of making ceramics, in the past the porcelain production process was very secret, but Dutch craftsmen started to make blue and white porcelain similar to imported porcelain.

In this new episode of Croisin Keltair, we bring to light the porcelain industry in China and its move to the Netherlands.

Kunchu Chinese Porcelain

The manufacturing process of Chinese porcelain, known as Kunchos, is a complex process that takes place in 72 steps.

Among these steps is the cutting step, where excess clay is removed to a very thin thickness and edges or inclusions larger than a tenth of a millimeter are removed. Therefore, it is a delicate process that requires highly skilled craftsmen.

The cutting and drying step is followed by the tempering step, where the ceramic vase, which was drawn very slowly, is submerged in a large puddle containing a liquid that gives the vase its glassy texture.

A distinctive feature of Conchos ceramics is the elegant glaze that coats the pieces in distinctive colors of blue and white.

The works of art take a long journey until they reach the last stop, which is the decoration, where traditional painting techniques are used to capture symbols and shapes with cultural connotations.

Chinese painter Xun Yu says that going out to discover the world and appreciating the beauty of life is one of the things that contribute to the production of works of art: “Without these things, there can be no artistic direction… of the Manifestation of each one’s life. 🇧🇷

Dutch Delft Blue Porcelain

About four hundred years ago, the Dutch city of Delft was known for making exquisite clay pottery.

Delft designs initially resembled imported porcelain, but soon craftsmen began making their own blue and white porcelain, and over time the decorative work took on an authentic Dutch influence.

In the past, there were around 34 factories in Delft, and today Royal Delft is the only factory left in the city.

Cu Fan, director of the Royal Museum of Delft, says: “Europe was not known for making porcelain… In Delft they started mixing clay in a different way… The result was very similar to Chinese porcelain… but the decorations were very delicate and the blue color, resulting from the enamel process, was new, which contributed to the later popularity of Delftware.

The Secret of Pine Oil

The success or failure of any work done in Jingdezhen, China depends on the expertise of the artisans who oversee the kilns used in the firing or drying process.

Thanks to many years of experience, the craftsmen know the right time and the amount of firewood for the stove.

Different types of dishes are placed in different places inside the oven, the temperature of which is 1300 degrees. For best results, pine wood oil is used in the oven, which it emits, making the surface of the dishes shiny. 🇧🇷 For best results, the burning process can be continued for 14 days.

The artisans of this city still maintain these authentic traditions, despite the development of the industry in the country, and note that the secret of the success and popularity of Conchos pottery lies in the small details that the artisans leave with their fingers.

Source: EuroNews

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