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Post: To celebrate Union Day, “Federal Youth” organizes cultural and artistic events


Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad)

The Federal Youth Foundation, affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Youth, organized a diverse cultural and artistic celebration for the 51st UAE Federation Day, involving various youth centers across the country, carrying out creative activities that reflected the richness of the UAE’s heritage. popular place. and expressed the love and unity of all members of the community around the national flag.

inherited aesthetics
Activities kicked off on 16 November through various creative hubs located across the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain, where the hubs hosted a wide range of activities highlighting the Emirati aesthetic. . popular heritage and local art and conveyed an image worthy of the local community that gathers around the homeland on this day.
Festive activities began with an event called “Emirati Love and Giving” organized by Ras Al Khaimah – Suhaim Creative Center, in collaboration with Abi Ka’ab School, Al Bashayer Kindergarten and Arts, Folklore and Theater Community. , featured a national celebration that included various artistic activities that expressed the status and importance of the day. Creative Ras Al Khaimah – Al Ghaili On November 22, the event “Union Day March of the Humane Flag-Making Initiative” was held. in which many children organized themselves to create the national flag.

glory and glory
Abu Dhabi Creative Center – Al Dhafra participated in this grand celebration by organizing the “Judgment People Festival” in collaboration with Zayed High School for Humanitarian Aid. The Fujairah Creative Center also participated in the “Glory and Glory of Operetta” on the same day, where the celebration, which included many paintings, expressed the life of the state before the establishment of the federation and the founders’ quest for unity. ???????? Our emirates, where aesthetic paintings were exhibited, which personified the love for the defense of the motherland, for unity and for raising the national flag.

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lyrical painting
On November 24, Umm Al Quwain Creative Center, in collaboration with Emirati schools, organized the “National Fashion Shows” event, during which participating students presented an Emirati outfit that reflects the true customs of the country. The aesthetics and elegance of this dress stand out. Traditional songs were accompanied by patriotic songs that expressed love for the UAE. For its part, the Ras Al Khaimah Center organized a celebration called “Dignity of the Nation” during which it incorporated the characteristics of belonging to the motherland through a series of artistic presentations that included Arabic calligraphy, gold and Arabic art. A perfumery atelier, in addition to the sections of the military musical group, the Al-Yola group, folk dances and a photography contest that has received numerous awards and other outstanding acts that reflect the aesthetics and nobility of the local folkloric and artistic heritage .
In turn, the Ras Al Khaimah – Al-Ghail Center hosted the event “A Face da Pátria”, which included several shows, a national art exhibition, musical shows and horseback riding, with the aim of promoting people’s belonging . Homeland.

live in my country
The creative center of Fujairah – Masafi organized a seminar called “Challenges of national identity in the light of modern changes”, which aimed to strengthen the spirit of national identity and patriotism among all members of the local community. for children, while the Abu Dhabi Creative Center hosted a ‘Fame and Pride’ event on 28 November, which featured various paragraphs and art performances involving outstanding school students singing patriotic songs, popular cuisine and much more.
For its part, the Dubai Creative Center, in collaboration with the Al Mawakeb School, held the “Live My Country” event and included theater plays and paragraphs submitted by students in which they expressed their love for their homeland and showcased their skills and creativity. . in the areas of poetry, rhetoric and music, while the Ajman Creative Center organized a ‘National Digital Exhibition’ with a wide range of images showcasing the achievements of the state and local heritage, featuring the most important personalities of Emirati society.

in love with the emirates
On November 29th, all members of the community gathered at the Umm Al Quwain Creative Center for the “Heritage Sculpture Exhibition”, which featured a group of models expressing the customs and traditions of the Emirati community and presenting the maximum to visitors. . important handicrafts, while guests enjoyed a “food industry” workshop. Al Shaabi, during which the cooking methods of the most famous dishes were presented, during which live cooking workshops were organized, which made known the excellence and originality of the people of the Emirates. The kitchen and the public had the opportunity to appreciate art at the Espaço de Arte – Amor às Emirates, in which a group of schoolchildren participated, presenting innovative paintings that reflect their love for their homeland.
At the same time, the center organized a workshop entitled: Elaboration of traditional foods, which provided a general description of the history of traditional emirati food and organized live cooking workshops, which presented a group of distinctive traditional dishes that reflected the history already culture. The UAE studio featured a group of schoolchildren loosely titled ‘Art Space – In Love with the Emirates’, presenting innovative paintings expressing pride in their country’s achievements. ????????

the sweetest poem
Umm Al Quwain Creative Centers – Falaj Al Mualla, Ras Al Khaimah – Suhaim Creative Center, Al Fujairah Creative Center and Fujairah – Masafi Creative Center organized various artistic and heritage activities on November 29th through which they presented the majority. Meaningful opportunities for local heritage and beauty through cultural and artistic activities that showcased state folk heritage paintings and introduced others to local art, folk dress and more.
The Foundation concluded its celebration by organizing a forum for “Creative and Talented Musicians of Ras Al Khaimah” at Ras Al Khaimah – Suhaim Creative Center on December 1, giving the public the opportunity to watch the historical film “Khor Faqqani”. Which was written by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Muhammad Al-Qasim, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, in which he recounts the most notable events that happened successively during the invasion of the city of Khorfaqan by the Portuguese Navy. On December 2, the celebration will also feature an interactive workshop for children called “First Autumn”, during which participants will learn about the most remarkable heroic and epic stories, various artistic, heritage and cultural manifestations.

Source: Al Ittihad

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