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Post: “Mango seeds” .. harvest in six months!


Muhammad Abdul Samieh (Sharjah)

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The Sharjah Palace of Culture hosted the final screening of the 16th Session of the Emirates Children’s Theater Festival 2022, where Dubai’s Al Ahli Theater presented The Mango Seed, written by Abdullah Al Muhairi and directed by Salem Al. Tamim, a show whose story revolved around an African village, which suffered from a shortage of mangoes, so the mayor of the village decides to gather the people, consult and designate one of the women of the village to sow and harvest.
The winner of the contest will be the one who plants the mango trees in six months, right after the announcement, the women started to think about how to grow mangoes in the period decided by the mayor, and here the lies of some souls are revealed. And greed and secrets arise, how some women chose to lie, to bring a man among the villagers, who planted a tree and worked hard for them, and there were those who resorted to deceit and those who resorted to theft, except for one of the girls who liked to Books was there and was called “Farah” and after a lot of work he discovered that mangoes cannot be planted in six months, it takes years to grow and harvest. Fruit.
Six months passed and on the day of the announcement of the result, he arrived in front of the mayor of the city, the lie was unmasked and the mayor announced that “Farah” had won the prize, although nothing had been planted to make him responsible in agriculture. harvests and fruits in the municipality, as it had honesty, culture and conscience united.
This presentation included many educational messages for children, especially the importance of honesty and the rejection of lies, as well as the need to instill the values ​​of cooperation and love among members of the same community.
The show managed to attract the hall audience with close and cute shapes and scenes for the boy, as well as the success of actors Hassan Al-Tamim, Waad Tariq, Layan Al-Mahlawi and Khaula Abdel. – Salam, Khaled Hussain, Mohammed bin Harib, Meshaal Malala, Basil Al-Tamimi, Sumaya Al-Shuwaihi, Yasin Al-Dulaim and others, as well as music, lighting, costumes, decoration, to convey the content of the show. and make-up, which helped to create a theatrical scene in which children are entertained and interact with interest.

Source: Al Ittihad

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