OpinionVarious performances and programs at Khorfakkan Theater Festival

Various performances and programs at Khorfakkan Theater Festival


Sharjah (WAM)

Yesterday, in the midst of a large audience, the activities of the eighth session of the Khorfakkan Theater Festival, organized by the Department of Theater of the Department of Culture, in which hundreds of theater creators, scenographers, artists participated, began. and photographers from around the world.
The festival, which is a one-day event, started with a carnival procession that moved from the city center from Al-Tiqa Club to Khorfakan Park Square and included various artistic, cultural, media, social and popular manifestations. , featured an all-star cast of theater and drama from the UAE and the Gulf.
After the cortege arrived at the festival site, the audience watched the Egyptian folk show “Kalda”, whose performers are distinguished by their diversity and high skill in circular rhythmic movements.
And at the Blue Theatre, the Reading Garden school drama show was presented by Atiqa Bint Zayd Basic School, followed by another show titled My Talent Is My Success Secret by Jumana Bint Abi Talib Basic School. Education, in the last session of the Kalba Festival of short films entitled “Miss Julia – Jamila”, directed by Dina Badri.
After the festival, the audience was treated to a group of folk dances by a group from Belarus (Belarus), followed by a theater show called “I am complete” by the Sharjah Scout Commission, after which a folk song was performed in the Habani. instrument. The winning names were announced in the contests “Festival Bride, Festival Princess, Create Your Own Mask and Most Beautiful Car”.

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contests and winners
The result of the “Princess Festival” competition for children was as follows: Raya Nasser Rashid Al Naqbi won first place, Rowena Parido won second place and Maryam Ali Muhammad Al Shehi won third place. In the “Festival Bride” competition, Madiya Isa Ali took first place, Jamal Al-Shehi from Belki took second place, and Dana Abdul Rahman Muhammad took third place.
Sharifa Muhammad Al-Houthi won first place in the Create Your Mask competition, Ahmed Muhammad Ibrahim won second place, and Maryam Adel Khalifa won third place. And in the competition “The most beautiful car of the festival” the first place went to Omran Hassan Al-Bakhishi, the second place went to Muhammad Jamal Al-Shehi, the third place went to Sakr Al-Nakhi and the fourth place went to Shihab Ahmed won. Makhlouf, and fifth place was Ali Said Taimur Al-Naqbi.
The performance program also included the children’s play “Lake of Peace” performed by Ras Al Khaimah Theater Group and the hit comedy “Turmeric and Barari” directed by Abdul Rahman Al Mulla. The program was also accompanied by various Indian and African folk arts.

Source: Al Ittihad

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