OpinionNotable Activity at Varakin Second-Hand Book Festival

Notable Activity at Varakin Second-Hand Book Festival


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Sharjah (WAM)
For the second consecutive day, the activities of the eighth session of the Used Book Festival, organized by the Sharjah Human Services City, continued for the fourth time this month in the Palm Garden, on the shores of Lake Khalid in Sharjah. Outstanding participation of public utility associations, public and private schools, universities, diplomatic missions and community institutions, their groups and members.
Sheikh Majid bin Sultan Al-Qasim, head of the Department of Rural and Suburbs Affairs, confirmed that the development observed by the “Warakin Festival of Used Books” in each session is clear and tangible and includes that number of different cultures and arts activities and events is an important indicator of the city’s desire to be a party for all community members.
Sheikh Majed praised the efforts of the volunteers as well as the very important participation of artists with disabilities, be it impressive and striking paintings or theatrical performances, which indicates the level that the “Falaj” members of all art centers represent. . Sharjah Human Services City is clear evidence of the keen interest the city takes in the talents and skills of people with disabilities and the seriousness with which it works to continually develop these talents.
The head of the Department of Suburban and Rural Affairs said: A book is not a product that expires as soon as it is read, how many books we finish and read again after a while, and how many books were the reason. For making a positive difference in people’s lives as a result of the valuable insights he embodies in his books. In this sense, we realize the great importance of the role of writers in the lives of peoples and nations, and we also realize the great social and cultural role of the City of Humanitarian Services of Sharjah, which organizes this festival since 2006 and it is very important. . He wants its sustainability and the continuity of its delivery.

In turn, engineer Fathi Jabr Afana, CEO of Fast Building Contracting Company, expressed his pride in supporting the Warakin Second Hand Book Festival as one of the main partners in its organization and sponsorship.
Engineer Fati spoke about the strong and established relationship with the city of Sharjah for humanitarian services and emphasized that the company’s support of the festival started from the first session called “Festival of Used Books” and the cooperation here continues throughout the festival. Eighth session, because this support comes with logistical equipment, or economic support, buying books, there are different forms of support.
The artistic and cultural activities that accompany the festival continue amid an important activity of schoolchildren and community members. Among the artistic workshops held on the second day was a mandala printing and thermal bead workshop organized by the Al-Wafaa School. Branch of Empowerment in Ramla beyond the performance ‘I have the right to study’ and the presentation of a lyrical paragraph. In addition to other workshops and works of art presented by the Events and Activities Commission, Government Agencies, Institutes, Centers, Public Charitable Associations and Community Participation Commissions, institutions and schools participating in the festival.
The products of production project of Sharjah City Development and Capacity Building Center of Masarat Development and Humanitarian Services Department will be exhibited at Al-Warraqeen Used Book Festival, products made by people with disabilities, most famous. Among which are “Zuliya” textile products manufactured in the city branch in Al Daed, and brass products “Atiq” and “Sitting Art” in the city branch in Khorfakan, and Danat bakery products from the city branch in Khorfakan . as

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Source: Al Ittihad

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