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Post: The Sharjah Book looks at the role of awards in promoting translation


Sharjah (Al-Ittihad)

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The Sharjah Book Authority participated in a dialogue session entitled “Role of Awards in Support of Translation” as part of the second session of the “Arabic Translation Conference” hosted by the Egyptian National Translation Centre. At the 54th edition of the Cairo International Book Fair, with the participation of a group of officials from cultural and academic institutions, a meeting of writers, editors and those interested in translation.
The session focused on the awards’ role in supporting the global translation movement, mentioning the most famous Arab awards and their advantages, talking about their experiences and achievements in supporting the cultural scene, publishers and translation engines. build on them, as well as develop practical recommendations to strengthen the Arab movement in the field of translation.
Mansoor Al Hassan, Director, Department of Publishing Services, Sharjah Book Authority, reviewed the efforts of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasim, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, in promoting and building the global translation movement. An environment of civilized communication between the Arab nation and the cultures of the world, through His Highness’ initiatives through the transfer of global knowledge into the Arabic language and the translation of selected Arabic publications into multiple languages.
Al-Hassan stopped at the Sharjah Prize for the translation of “Turjuman”, organized by the Sharjah Book Authority, remembering that it is one of the biggest international translation prizes with a value of 1.4 million dirhams, of which the translator receives 100. 1,000 dirhams and 1.3 million dirhams will go to foreign and Arab publishers, and aims to strengthen bridges of civilized communication between Arabic and international languages, indicating that the award highlights honorable achievements by pioneers of Arabic thought. It has a clear mark on the literary, knowledge and culture scene in general.
Al-Hassan also highlighted the “Sharjah Copyright Award”, which aims to support copyright experts and strengthen their business growth opportunities.
Al-Hassani asked Cairo International Book Fair editors to participate in several Sharjah awards related to the development of Arabic knowledge products.
In addition to Mansoor Al-Hassan, Dr. Karma Sami, Director of the National Translation Centre, Said Hamdan, Representative of the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, Susan Kenavi, Marketing Director of the American University of Cairo, Representative of the Naguib Mahfouz Award. de Literature and Brazilian editor Laura Di Pietro participated in the session moderated by Sharif Bakr.
The second session of the “Arabic Translation Conference” will be held at the Egypt International Exhibition Centre, within the scope of the activities of the Cairo International Book Fair, in its 54th session, entitled “Translation from Arabic, bridge. Civilization”, course by the late translator Dr. “Mohammed Annan”, in recognition of his great efforts and achievements in this field.

Source: Al Ittihad

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