Opinion“Dubai Caligraphy Biennale” .. creative works and designs that...

“Dubai Caligraphy Biennale” .. creative works and designs that highlight the masterpieces of calligraphy


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Dubai (Union)
The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Dubai Culture, has revealed preparations to host the Dubai Calligraphy Biennale, which will take place from 1 to 31 October 2023, with the participation of a group of calligraphy creators and artists. Dubai International Calligraphy” is one of the notable successes of 10 sessions and aims to highlight the importance of calligraphy as an expressive and aesthetic tool that embodies creativity.

creative platform
The Dubai Calligraphy Biennial is a new creative platform through which the authority joins the hands of calligraphy lovers and masterpieces and opens the horizon for talents from all over the world and allows them to showcase their works and expertise in various calligraphy arts. In line with Dubai’s cultural vision, which aims to consolidate the emirate’s position as a world cultural center, an incubator of creativity and a meeting point for talent.
In its inaugural edition, the “Dubai Calligraphy Biennial” sheds light on “the art of Arabic calligraphy and its diverse cultures” and showcases the vitality of traditional and contemporary calligraphy written in Arabic and other languages, highlighting its diversity and aesthetics. beyond what distinguishes typography and calligraphy, digital art. The Biennale also features a range of qualitative creative works that emphasize aesthetics in jewelry and product design, public art, sculpture and textiles, as well as various art exhibitions and other categories that emphasize precision art. A variety of artistic and educational workshops presented by several internationally renowned artists and calligraphers.

wide horizons
In this context, Dr. Syed Mubarak bin Kharbash, CEO of Dubai Culture, Arts and Literature Sector, emphasized that the Dubai Calligraphy Biennale is a global platform to explore human interaction with calligraphy and stimulate cultural exchange between communities. He said: “Dubai Calligraphy Biennale is becoming a global art event that brings together a constellation of calligraphers and artists from around the world and works to open up a wider horizon for them through a rich program of art exhibitions. , speeches . and workshops. which highlights the different ways of interacting with this art and its aesthetics and different conceptions, as well as its contribution to boosting emerging talents and providing them with a new educational and training environment. describes the Biennale as a “milestone” in the history of Dubai’s interest in the art of calligraphy, as it is the culmination of ten successful sessions at the Dubai International Calligraphy Exhibition, indicating the importance of the Biennale’s role in cultural support. Tourism in Dubai and its expansion as one of the tributaries of the creative economy, which the emirate intends to transform into a world capital by 2026.
Bin Kharbash emphasized the importance of strengthening the creative climate in Dubai and encouraged the active involvement of the arts community in supporting cultural and creative industries. Added: Dubai Culture strives to raise interest in the art of calligraphy and increase its presence and appeal by providing opportunities to explore its origins and philosophy in order to achieve its commitment to creating a sustainable creative environment that empowers calligraphers and artists alike. Promotion, protection and development of calligraphy.

business rating
Dubai Culture has invited all local, regional and international creators to participate in the Dubai Calligraphy Biennial, as it will start accepting entries for participation and initial business models from today, March 16th, and the closing date for entries will be on May 16, 2023. A specialized commission for participation in the Bienal, made up of a group of curators and specialists, will carry out the process of exhibiting works and selecting qualified artists and creators to participate in the next session of the Bienal, whose works will be taken place in a number of heritage sites and heritage areas. In addition to cultural venues related to “Dubai Culture”, a series of exhibitions were held at branches of “Dubai Public Libraries” and in the Emirate of Dubai.

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Source: Al Ittihad

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