OpinionAbu Dhabi Announces Results of Arabic Language Research Fellowship...

Abu Dhabi Announces Results of Arabic Language Research Fellowship Program


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Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad)

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The Arabic Language Center of the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism has announced the results of the third session of its research grant programme, which has seen great success in the previous two sessions. The number of nominations in the current session reached 111 participants from 17 countries around the world, including 13 Arab countries, two Asian countries and one country from Africa and Europe, an increase of about 40% from the previous session.
The Doctor. Ali bin Tami, President of the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre, said: “The Research Fellowship Program is at the heart of the Centre’s strategic plan and aims to support Emirati and Arab researchers and speakers of Emirati and Arabs in carrying out research. Elevate Arabic and support its spread locally and globally as a language of science, culture and creativity. He added, “The research grant program is an important incentive for researchers in the field of Arabic language and reflects the desire of the center to advance scientific research in the field of Arabic language and improve the cultural status of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. . .” and its pioneering role in supporting the Arabic language and enhancing its existence”.

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8 Research support
This year, the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center selected 8 research works to provide financial support to their owners, believing that it is important to provide the right conditions for scientific research and thinkers, researchers and creators. Present and prepare anything that is notable and worthy of publication.
The selected studies were distributed in different fields of Arabic language, in order to promote the research of manuscripts and Arabic heritage, the center chose 3 major studies, the first of which is the study of the book “The selection of Ibn Musafir”. Presented by Muqbil Al-Ahmadi from Yemen and Shafiq Bitari from Syria and this is a valuable book of Arabic heritage books, its author has chosen to explain eighteen poems from the point of view of Arabic poetry, unanimously accepted by scholars and literary critics.
As for the second, it is the book “Hadith of the Whites and Riyadh” by the Jordanian Fayez al-Qais, which refers to a prose story by an unknown Andalusian author, dated to the 8th century AD, including a single handwritten copy. Preserved in the Vatican Library, this story of virginal love is taken at its center.
The third option fell on examining the book by the Egyptian Nabil Hamdi al-Shaheed: “The construction of stories: a study in narratives… is one of the most important popular biographies of Alexander Zulqarnain that did not gain popularity or circulation. in our modern age, and the study is a combination of arguments, which it tries to collect and study before reaching its realization as one of the most important. Popular biographies inspired by influential historical figures mentioned in the Holy Quran.
In the field of Literature and Criticism, the Center has selected 4 research works, the first of which is by Maryam Al Hashemi, from the United Arab Emirates, entitled “Narrative Transformations in Emirati Literature: A Fiction Study”.
As for the second study, it was called “The new historical novel and the commitment to imagination” by Moroccan Mustafa Al-Nahal, on the other hand, the story has a background and a framework of imagination.

the meaning of the meaning
Meanwhile, the third study is entitled “The Literary and Critical Movement in Saudi Arabia. Principles and Trends” by Mohammed Al-Safran of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which discusses the structure of the field of Saudi literature and poetry. The rebirth of Arabic poetry, impressionism and its characteristics and the concept of modernity in poetic criticism and literary criticism in the kingdom.
The fourth study was entitled: “Categorizing meaning: the philosophy of tradition in the Arabic language, from interpretation to meta-interpretation”, by the Algerian Shafiqa Weil. The study examines the Arabic philosophy of archeology on the grounds that it is a “forest” of meaning and examines the process of understanding in a new philosophical horizon, returning to the ontological origins of the Arabic language and its heritage. A new reading framework: a meta-interpretation.
In the field of Arabic vocabulary, the center chose the “Arabic Illustrated Dictionary for Children” by Amr Gomaa of Egypt, his children.

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Source: Al Ittihad

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