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Post: The mystical dimension in Ahmed Jared’s paintings


Mohamed Njaim (Rabat)

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Recently inaugurated in Casablanca, the retrospective exhibition “Art and the Spiritual Dimension” by the Moroccan artist Ahmed Jared, who works on his aesthetic realization from a vision based on the use of the spiritual and mystical dimension, both in style and in the materials used . In addition to the marble octopus, iron octopus and other minerals, his artistic philosophy is based on the white color as a symbol and sign that indicates spiritual purity, using some materials extracted from the skin of the plantain and the garnet, the coffee beans and he you. Moroccan modernity.
And about the mystical dimensions of his paintings, Ahmed Jared says: The relationship with my Sufi themes, in turn, finds its roots in the relationship with reality and its manifestations. Therefore, I see myself as the type of person who avoids being the center of attention. Loneliness is closer to me than the crowd. I don’t know what happened to “Victor Hugo” when he said, “Sadness is the joy of sadness.” Fortunately, art is always the savior.

Source: Al Ittihad

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