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Post: The National Library and Archives is organizing the 6th Symposium for UAE Libraries


Abu Dhabi (WAM)

The National Archives and Library organized the 6th Symposium on UAE Libraries at its headquarters under the motto: “Brilliant examples of libraries in the UAE in fifty years”, in which researchers, thinkers and specialists participated.
During the symposium, the National Archives and Library released the first study of its kind on libraries in the UAE, prepared by a group of library experts. They prepared the report, analysis and description. On the situation of libraries in the country, the symposium also had three specialized scientific sessions.

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Promotion of knowledge societies
The symposium was opened by Abdullah Majid Al Ali, Director General of the National Archives and Library, with a welcome speech to guests and strategic partners who support the achievements of the National Archives and Library. According to him, where there is a library, there is knowledge and where there is science, there is development, innovation, prosperity and progress. The library has a fundamental role as a source of self-development and permanent learning, and this contributes to the strengthening of knowledge societies”. His Excellency praised the achievements of the country’s libraries, saying, “The UAE, under your wise leadership, has realized the importance of libraries and their effective role in building a knowledge society.
He added, “We are optimistic that their efforts will light the way and pave the way for a collaborative future that advances culture, and we look forward to strengthening collaboration between the Archives, the National Library and all libraries.” There are cultural beacons that illuminate the space of the nation”.
Then Dr. Radwan Al-Sayed, Dean of Graduate Studies at Mohammed Bin Zayed University of Humanities, gave a lecture entitled: “On Biography, Culture and the Book”, where he spoke about his private library of over one hundred. A thousand books and was fully acquired by Mohammed bin Zayed University of Humanities and connected his career with scientific knowledge through buying books, as at each stage of his studies he was interested in certain types of books, so he connected his scientific giving with the books. . , because he has been a professor in the United States of America, Germany, Lebanon, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates and on the path of academic giving. It was the number of books in his library that gradually grew, and this added to his role in the author’s field, as dozens of books were published for him, and at the forefront of all this were his cultural interests, which led to a passion for buy books from the sixties of the last century.
doctor Al-Sayed revealed the wealth of his library of diaries, journals and manuscripts, based on his role in publishing various magazines such as Arab Thought Magazine, Ijtihad Magazine, Tolerance Magazine, Understanding Magazine and Readings Magazine published by Muhammad Bin Zayed. University in collaboration with the Archive and the National Library.

search results
The Doctor. Imad Abu Eid then presented a report commissioned by several experts in library affairs at the National Library and Archives, and the presentation included the results of a survey of libraries in the UAE. Results, recommendations. and a conclusion noting that this report, commissioned by the National Archives and Library, is the first study of its kind. It is an attempt to investigate, report, analyze and describe the current state of the United Libraries. United Arab Emirates and contains more detailed and comprehensive data on Square Libraries.
Abu Eid reviewed the objectives of the study, which examines the current state of libraries in the country, followed by methodology and tools, the learning community, the demographics of participating libraries, the main axes of the study and the level of satisfaction. librarian. library services staff and the study concluded with participant observations and recommendations. The 6th Emirates Libraries Symposium included three scientific sessions, with the first session highlighting public libraries from the past to the future, followed by the second session titled: ‘Academic Libraries: Fifty Past and Fifty Future’, and the third session celebrated. Conclusion “Libraries of the Future” The National Archives and Library honored the participants of the symposium.

Source: Al Ittihad

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