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Post: “Moli Mudarib Bani Karshi” Sheds Light on Financial Greed


Muhammad Abdul Samieh (Sharjah)

As part of the 22 out-of-competition performances of Sharjah Theater Days, the play “Mall Mudarib Bani Karsh” was performed by Ras Al Khaimah National Theater Group, written and directed by Salem Al Ayyan and led to reading. The theme of material greed and the desire to accumulate as much as possible.
The title of the play illuminated its idea, a popular take on the meaning of “rumen”, especially the lack of saturation and expanding to infinity to fill it with money, as screenwriter and director Salem Al-Ayan reports on the traditional and original meaning .of the rumen. as it always increases in size, so the intersection of the material idea with the metaphorical idea served the desire to walk in a fairy tale and a theatrical incarnation.

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As for “mall”, it meant a wide area in the semantic sense, reinforcing the status of greed and greed as the main theme of the show. The plot of the play was about the story of “Marzouk” working in a small coffee shop, which becomes very famous when a strange shopkeeper “Abu Afa” enters the competition space and offers Marzouk a partnership in the store. It then hopes to buy it, forcing traders to bid. Tough and ongoing negotiations to retain Marzouk after his trading declines, but the contract contains a punitive clause that Marzouk cannot break his association with Abu Afash, who offers merchants money as compensation for losses, and when they ask to meet him it, it disappears. , being just a fraud.Who robbed the stores, the merchants fled. And the play thus places us in an atmosphere of difficult ending, waiting for events and their fate, the show may have other dimensions in the need to maintain conscience, reason, teamwork and profit.
At the technical level of the show, the director Salem Al-Ayan gave greater importance to the visual dialogue and the scenography, which served the staged text and attracted the public, especially when the representation was carried out by actors familiar with the situations of the show and the state psychology of the characters, supported by soundtracks that adjust to the development of the show and its main seasons.

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