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Post: Juma Al Majid Center is training 30 records management interns


Dubai (Union)

On Friday, March 17, the activities of the Modern Archives and Document Management Course at the Juma Al Majid Center for Culture and Heritage, in Dubai, ended.
During the course, the lecturers addressed several axes, including: concepts, principles, theories, administrative organization, legal environment, international standards for document and file management, current document management in traditional and electronic environments, intermediate document management and files. Content standards and coding or installation standards and software characteristics, document and file management systems, document cybersecurity, current trends in electronic document management, problems and solutions for document management and archiving institutions.
The closing ceremony began with a speech by the President of the Centre, Juma Al-Majid, delivered by the Director General of the Centre, Dr. Muhammad Kamel Jad, in which he praised the commitment of the participants in the course and wished them to improve the knowledge acquired in the course through practical application in their institutions, also called the pursuit of knowledge, reading and the benefit of acquiring books and manuscripts from the Center .
Also addressing the audience was Dr. Ramadan Al-Khoul, Principal Investigator and Archives Officer at the Africa Institute in Sharjah, who praised the Center and the level it has reached and thanked Juma Al-Majed for her efforts. Collect books and manuscripts, make them available to researchers, promote knowledge among students, and provide examples. These courses are free to the public and thanks to the management of the center and the professors who work there who gave lectures to the participants. course.
At the end of the ceremony, the director general of the center, Dr. Mohammad Kamel Gad, handed out graduation certificates to students and teachers, and commemorative photos were taken for everyone.

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