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Post: Seminar “Collection of Intangible Cultural Heritage”


Dubai (Union)

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In collaboration with Zayed University, the Research and Studies Department of the Hamdan Bin Muhammad Heritage Revival Center held a workshop entitled “Collection of Intangible Cultural Heritage”, during which it is necessary to pay attention to and use oral heritage. A historical source arose, as this type of heredity has become interesting for the scientific and interested society.
The workshop was led by Fatima Mohammed and Maryam Al Zabi, from the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Center for Heritage Revival, where they discussed the relationship between oral heritage and history, the importance of oral sources, and then turning oral narratives into written history. ensures its sustainability. They appreciate the UAE’s efforts to register many elements and symbols of the UAE’s intangible heritage to “UNESCO” in accordance with the 2003 Heritage Convention.
The workshop also aimed to present the best methods and scientific means of preservation and conservation of heritage, intergenerational transmission and its familiarization at a regional and global level, such as proverbs, tales, popular stories, songs, chants and many others. others that abound in the folkloric heritage of the Emirates.
On the other hand, participating students from the Department of Emirati Studies at Zayed University highlighted the workshop’s contribution to enriching knowledge about the method of collecting and recording oral heritage, its preservation and archiving using the latest practical methods. and a mechanism for its delivery to researchers and academics, as well as those interested in learning more about the heritage and cultural heritage of the UAE.
Regarding the workshop, the director of the Center’s Research and Studies Department, Fátima Bin Hariz, stated: “This type of workshop is part of the Center’s effort and strategy to hold events that will strengthen the culture of the millennial heritage of the Emirates through generations and will strengthen existing values, customs and traditions in the community. Raising awareness, deepening its role and activating its participation in the preservation of national identity.
And he added: “We want to communicate with many agencies and institutions to organize events and activities that value culture and heritage.”

Source: Al Ittihad

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