“Abu Dhabi for the Arabic Language” Launches Complete Series “The Eyes of Arabic Poetry”

Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad)

In conjunction with International Poetry Day, which falls on the 21st of March each year, the Department of Culture and Tourism at the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center – Abu Dhabi has launched a whole series of ‘Eyes on Arabic Poetry’. This initiative aims to revive the Arabic poetic heritage through the preparation of around 100 books collected by elite scholars specializing in Arabic poetry from in-house books and primary sources.
In 2021, the center released the first set of the “Eyes of Arabic Poetry” series, which included 25 books. The second set, which contained 25 books, was released in 2022. The release was also announced this year. The third set in the series at the Riyadh International Book Fair 2022. While the fourth and final set was released at this year’s World Poetry Day.
The Eyes of Arabic Poetry series includes an anthology of Arabic poetry from pre-Islamic times to the 18th century. It is historically ordered from oldest to newest, with an important introduction and explanation intended for a wide range of readers, celebrating Arabic poetry.

A unique encyclopedia
His Excellency Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, President of the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Centre, said that poetry has always been an essential pillar in Arab culture, as it is the mouthpiece of its creators and a tool through which they express their ideas. themes and aspirations and, in doing so, brought their rich literary history to all places and civilizations, thus documenting Arab rhetoric and aesthetics across decades and across time. Today we celebrate this essential component of our Arabic language and culture, the UAE’s vision and its keen interest in poetry and poets, placing a rich and unique encyclopedia in the hands of lovers of this original art. The encyclopedia brings together the efforts and visions of a group of creators, writers and researchers who worked to create this important literary work of quality, which is in line with the Center’s vision of the importance of contributing to the promotion of Arab culture and culture. . Linguistic heritage and appreciation of the works of the pioneers of this ancient art to accompany its development and make it accessible and futuristic for current generations.

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Integrated database
His Highness Syed Hamdan Al Tunaiji, Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Arabic Language Center, confirmed that one of the main objectives of the center is to promote the preservation of the distinctive Arabic heritage, of which poetry is one of the most important elements. and facilitate access to it by developing serious literary and knowledge projects. The Oyouns of Arabic Poetry series is an excellent example of this, and is an integrated database tracing the history of Arabic poetry and the masterpieces of its creators from different schools. Twenty-one writers, researchers and critics specializing in ancient Arabic literature and from various Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait and Morocco, contributed to its preparation. An effort through this series that will remain immortal for generations to come.

various themes
The titles in the series covered a range of carefully selected topics that spanned different human feelings and inclinations such as love and longing, loyalty and wisdom, illness and death. In addition to themes related to the animals that accompanied the poets in their various environments, such as: camels, horses, wolves, falcons and eagles. It also included themes related to nature and climatic and ecological conditions in which the poets lived, such as rain, desert, ruins and fire, as well as themes related to art and creativity as a form of beauty and domestication of the nature. Man as building, monasteries, sword, pen, tools, supplies, clothes, jewels and trinkets.

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