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Post: Archive and National Library start data storage project


Abu Dhabi (WAM)

The National Archives and Library, in cooperation with the international companies Piql and Melara ME, launched a project to convert and preserve original, permanent and secure data for a long period of time, over 2000 years. The Archives and National Library work to transform information and safely preserve it for future generations, using the latest information technology solutions in the field of data storage, Emirati expertise at all local, regional and international levels . This project represents the continuation of the digitalization and preservation phase of traditional documents according to the highest international standards, best practices and technologies, with a sustainable and high precision process against attempts at piracy, manipulation and deletion, and gives long life to the multimedia of more than two thousand years, increasing confidence in the future, the possibility of obtaining the original data.

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The Piql technology is unique in that it will allow the national archive and library to store all types of information, whether historical documents, videos, photos or audio clips, in their original form on special films that will be easily accessible in the future. So that generations can benefit from and trust in the content that will come through the ages. This project will enable the National Archives and Libraries to transfer and store data and promote its position as a regional hub, center of excellence, transfer of expertise, research and development in the field of digital storage and long-term data preservation. , in addition to the opportunity to learn about the standards, experiences and aspirations of institutions in the field of archives.

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Director of the Archives Department, Hamad Abdullah Al-Mutairi, said that this collaboration reflects the richness of the Archives and the National Library, this project will allow us to take advantage of world-leading technologies.
For his part, Piql International CEO René Bjerk Strand praised this new partnership, saying that we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership to preserve the rich memory of the UAE and the region.
Yushu Khader, General Manager of Melara ME, expressed the company’s pride in the trust of the Department of Archives, the National Library and Piql, and confirmed the company’s commitment to developing strategic relationships with international and local partners.

Source: Al Ittihad

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