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Post: Novelist May Abdel Hadi: Writing children’s literature is a passion and a message


Ahmed Shabani (Cairo)

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Egyptian novelist and writer Mai Abdel-Hadi sees writing for children as a message, a passion and a dream. The Egyptian novelist confirmed to Al-Ittihad that the experience of the UAE’s interest in childhood and children’s literature is inspiring and I see him as a pioneer of childcare in the region.
He added: “Through my participation in book fairs in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah, I felt a deep and carefully planned interest in children’s literature and stories. This is the vision that the United Arab Emirates pursued and achieved through the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival”, underlining that this cultural event is very dear to him.
May Abdel-Hadi has participated in international exhibitions with her writings and won first place with “Sawa Application”. She said: “I got into children’s literature 6 years ago completely spontaneously because of my children and the love for them. I focused on writing for them and the young people and I couldn’t imagine the warmth and positive response.” One of them was very encouraging and gave me a lot of responsibility.
I have several publications that have been very popular with this important community, including the recently published book (Mom’s Stories) and (Dyslexia in Our Home). And he added: “I have a literary project that I hope will come out at the right time”.
And Abdel-Hadi warned that when writing for children, do not fall into the trap of direct advice, because the child is very smart, quickly gets bored and bored, and has many temptations related to the advancement of technology, so if the “ story” does not pique your curiosity, you will get bored quickly.
In her writings, May intends to approach children’s behavior with educational stories, emphasizing that innovation, clarifying her interests and distinguishing between fantasy and imagination are important elements to be considered by a writer, and that access to international publications promotes innovation.
And about his book, “Mama Mai’s Tales”, he indicated that it contains many fairy tales and educational tales for the Arab child and a children’s scientific encyclopedia called “Uncle Inspirational” series. Cultivating good values. What else do we need, in addition to strengthening the personality and forming it correctly, it enriches the imagination and allows the child to acquire a lot of vocabulary, which allows him to express himself well and express his feelings.
Regarding the book “Dyslexia in our house”, Abdel-Hadi explains that it deals with the personal experience of reading difficulties, which is one of the learning difficulties of a large number of children and that affects their educational level and psychological comfort. , and can make them vulnerable to bullying, and early detection of the problem helps to treat it properly.

Source: Al Ittihad

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