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Post: Completion of the first phase of the “Sava Museum Programme”.


Sharjah (Al-Ittihad)

The Sharjah Museum Administration concluded the first phase of the “Sawa Museum Programme”, launched last February in Sharjah, with broad participation from the Arab world and Germany. The award-winning annual cultural exchange program is the result of a collaboration between Sharjah Museum Authority, National Museums of Berlin, Goethe-Institut Bay Region and Berlin University of Applied Sciences with the support of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. .

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the first scenario
The first phase was held in the Emirate of Sharjah at Sharjah Museum of Art, Sharjah Maritime Museum, Sharjah Heritage Museum, Sharjah Islamic Civilization Museum, Sharjah Archaeological Museum, Bait Al Naboodah and Khorfaqkan Fort. A series of sessions, workshops, projects and virtual and real meetings, which will last until December 2023, where participants will discuss various topics, among them, awareness of cultural diversity, the definition of the museum in a local and global perspective, joint strategies in data collection and documentation. . and strategies for organizing exhibitions, as well as examining museum visitors’ experiences and discussing their perceptions of exhibited collections.

the second phase
The second phase of the program was launched virtually between Sharjah and Berlin, from 13 March to 28 August, for participants to complete discussions initiated in Sharjah, while the third phase takes place in Berlin, from 4 to 14 September. The final phase begins on September 25th and runs through November 20th, before the program ends on December 11th, 2023.
The program, which took place for the first time between Sharjah and Berlin in 2015 and 2016, respectively, is aimed at young Arabs and Germans involved and working in the field of museum studies, with the aim of getting to know their other cultures. In addition to providing them with the necessary tools to learn together, based on each other’s experience and knowledge, which will develop their skills and abilities and inform them about the best international practices needed in the museum sector. today’s world
Notably, in 2021, the program launched a dictionary project, Museum Terminology: Bringing Words, which addressed the discussion of contemporary museum terminology and resulted in the publication of museum terms and their definitions based on their usage and value. ​In the first issue of Multicultural Terminology in the framework of individual and local museological practice. correspondence.
It is worth noting that the program has won many international awards, including the “AGYA” award from the Arab-German Youth Academy of the Humanities for promoting the role and value of the humanities in research, education and society in Berlin 2019, and the award of the best cultural cooperation of the “Cultural Destination Program” at LCD Berlin. Berlin 2020, which honors and celebrates the best cultural destinations in the world and is considered the Oscar of museums.

Source: Al Ittihad

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