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Post: Iman Al-Hammadi: The growth of “social reading” enriches the cognitive experience


Nof Al Musa (Dubai)

The UAE National Reading Strategy has achieved its main objectives of increasing public reading as it is a vital indicator to enrich knowledge experiences. with the connection, indicating that the impact of cultural projects, including the “Reading Fund” in raising the reading level among recipients, at the level of the city of Dubai, represented a quantum leap in strengthening the relationship between national spaces. and public libraries, which grew out of the Dubai Arts and Culture Authority’s commitment to support the strategy. The 2016-2026 National Reading Awards aim to consolidate reading as a way of life, supporting all areas of culture. , including art and literature, and is considered an essential source of human development and creativity.
And Eman Al Hammadi continued: “The government organizes many initiatives, projects and programs aimed at promoting reading among different groups in society, including the Reading Fund initiative, which is part of the “Schools for Life” project. Each year it presents a program rich in activities and events that encourage reading.

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On creating a sustainable incubation environment that provides an interactive continuum of social, cultural, humanitarian and economic pathways for reading projects and creative knowledge products, Iman Al Hammadi noted that the issue is primarily related to the importance of promoting reading in the society. And everything that revolves around this fundamental idea takes us to an advanced stage. Thinking about the nature of supportive environments and how to continually develop them and keeping in mind the “Dubai Culture” agenda, there are many projects, initiatives and programs aimed at broadening the community’s reading base. The “Book Exhibition on Display” is part of the initiatives of Dubai Public Libraries. A cultural program that seeks to recycle the lives of writers and consumers, that is, readers, in addition to the government’s strategic alliance with the Emirates Airlines Literature Festival, in addition to the Big Bad Wolf exhibition, which includes the greatest discounts on books. Around the world, around the world and in each session we present about a million books, in addition to reading, education and entertainment sessions and group workshops organized by “Dr. Public B” throughout the year, especially during the National Reading Month.

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With the technical and technological progress of the current era and the unprecedented ease of access to information, there are certain challenges that public libraries face in maintaining their position in shaping the public library experience as well as creating accumulated academic knowledge. For news sources, Eman Al Hammadi said that the issue of reading design is a constant challenge not only in the city of Dubai, but throughout the world, in addition to the difficulties faced by the publisher, the book movement. and translation industries in the Arab region, in addition to the expansion of the circle of interaction with social networks, which has reduced the interest of new generations and their orientation in general, but this problem does not exclude continuous research for the development of mechanisms . for project work. that combines the library as a living, growing, interactive entity, and the public’s awareness of and ongoing communication with the library space.
Iman Al-Hammadi explained that, according to the annual observation and monitoring of reading programs and projects organized by Dubai Culture, differences were observed in young people’s reading interests, which constantly change according to age and general trends. the editorial and translation movement and the various issues raised by social networks and therefore cannot be limited. The interests are on a specific list and, despite this, they remain diverse between detective fiction, novels, short stories, adventures, personal development, motivation. The comprehensive knowledge, which currently includes 482,894 books, is divided between digital books and audiobooks and video clips, indicating that Dubai Culture Statistics confirms the success of the “Digital Library” in attracting more than 2,884 users by the end of 2022, which benefited from its rich content in Arabic and English.

Source: Al Ittihad

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