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Post: Khaled Al-Danhan: Ramadan is a Great Opportunity for Reading and Creativity


Fatima Atfa (Abu Dhabi)

Poets and writers have distinct memories and their creative rituals of reading and writing during the blessed month of Ramadan. In this context, Al-Ittihad met with poet Khaled Al-Danhan to talk about daily creative rituals during the holy month. Where he said: I have Ramadan rituals that I have been used to for many years, especially reading the Quran. Blessings and staying up all night in my library full of different books because the holy month is a great opportunity. Supercharge your mind by acquiring knowledge.
Poet Al-Danhan believes that the most beautiful time to read is the month of Ramadan, because the mind is very clear. And as for the old memories of Ramadan as a child, compared with today, it indicates that it is the wonderful memories of Ramadan that he spent in the beautiful vocabulary of nature in the city of Diba Al-Fujairah and was with the group. . Adventure-loving friends took fun voyages of exploration to mountains, plains and seas, exploring the depths of the mountains, perhaps finding beehives scattered in mountain caves and trying to obtain honey. They found the kinds of pleasure and beauty they sought despite the difficulties and challenges of their adventures.
As for the walks on land, they did it during the rains to take advantage of the cloudy weather and breathe in the refreshing aroma of the damp earth, setting up their tents next to the valleys where they slept. On the ground and embracing the sky, they are optimistic and face life with love, joy and happiness. Al-Danhani recalls that fishing trips were almost daily, recalling that the sea is known for its generosity and is not subject to certain seasons to grant what it has to its people. Studying and loving the information we diligently seek to know. the answer.
Al-Danhani goes on to talk about memories, remembering that the children of yesterday went to the countryside to learn and broaden their perception and knowledge, which taught them many noble human principles and values, including, for example: cooperation, synergy and self-care, trust, as well as such as self-reliance and coping and other good ethics and are essential to an individual’s life at home, at work and in society. The poet returns to the present and sees that some of today’s children may not take advantage of these pleasant and useful opportunities together, either because parents are afraid of their children, which restricts their movements, or because some aspects of the current culture have changed. In the old society.

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An heritage fragrance
And with regard to reading books, especially the traditional ones related to Ramadan, he says: The stories that I heard from my elders in Ramadan councils are what later, as a child, inspired me to read the available books that we could find . . Coincidentally with some of our elders… Al-Danhani confirms that interest in heritage is a big problem for a large segment of intellectuals. And as the heritage contains in its body many tales and stories, as well as the pronunciation of poetry, the attendance at meetings and the rich culture that was in it, it was one of the great characteristic occasions of the blessed month, and kept in its memory many experiences that they influenced and had many friends who grew and spread in the fields of culture and public service in our homeland, the Emirates.

Source: Al Ittihad

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