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Post: “Al-Shuwaihiin” is an observatory of renewed nostalgia


Ibrahim Al Mulla (Sharjah)

The month of Ramadan evokes features and phases that we believe will melt away in the heat of time, but as the poet Ezra Pound says, “Man moves from place to place, he develops, then he is uprooted from his roots. , and then returned to the place from which he was plucked ”.. and so on. A virtual return to places with which we had sensual and spiritual connections is a return to embodied ruins, even if their concrete and consummate influence has not passed, and the area (Al Shuwaiheen) in Sharjah is a hub of ancient areas around it. , from the 50s to the beginning of the 80s of urban and economic development. By extension, where the phenomena and manifestations of the month of Ramadan appear. They formed spontaneously outside the extended family system, in houses where there were meetings and gatherings, especially after the prayer of Tarawih (Ali bin Abi Talib) in the mosque, which today is adjacent to Al-Oruba Street and in front of the Municipal Market. .

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Ramadan Rituals
The Shuweihin region, with its Ramadan rituals, is considered one of the places that promises luxury to its visitors, especially those whose childhoods in private parts and their tight “skis” explode with the spontaneous geometry and logic of space. . With the logic of the heart with its reflections and measures, before closing their eyes, they are markets that no longer await them as seekers and visitors, as they initially keep the details of their original people and control the ancient times. Write down your complaint, the nature of your concern, and your passion taxes.
There was an observatory of renewed nostalgia for the past and specifically for the nights of Ramadan (al-Shuwaihiyin). From him and to him, directions and paths diverged and converged, and in the shadow of Sidr and Al-Al. Ghafi trees, the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bfurniture (shops) first appeared.

the color of dawn
You see the first inhabitants of the region and you remember the houses of the “Shuweihiin” and their walls bathed in the color of dawn, you remember the taste of the sea and the smell of fried fish on the way home from school. This is the light that suddenly entered your soul in the heart of darkness, and you did not tell anyone, and no one told you the secret of the radiance that appeared at that moment, in such a transfiguration and in love, you remember. The sheer vibrancy of the ‘shreishhi’ leaves and their fresh, fragrant flowers amidst the ‘muddy spring’ of summer. Now you remember: the house of sand, the rose of thirst, in a clear place, below. A green sky and a cloud the size of a vision!

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