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Post: Fatima Al Mazrouei: Ramadan is an opportunity to get to know the culture of the people


Fatima Atfa (Abu Dhabi)

Writer Fatima Al Mazrouei recounts many memories of the month of Ramadan, highlighting that it is one of the beautiful months that we look forward to with love and passion and prepare well in advance, and there are many customs that return to us. . Loaded with love, joy and kinship to make social relationships, visits and socializing sessions and family life more interdependent.
And he adds: There is a lot of spirituality in this holy month, because we sing the Taraweeh prayers in the mosques, we read the Koran and exchange dishes, and in the month of Ramadan I practice my hobbies of cooking and trying new recipes, walking, playing. sports and reading. Continuously, which usually doesn’t stop even in the month of Ramadan, and my daily rituals don’t change from writing to writing a daily column.
Al-Mazruei mentioned that he prefers to write and read after the Tarawih prayer in a peaceful environment and believes that the most suitable time is the weekly vacation when activities increase and attendance and participation in Ramadan councils have their cultural, religious and spiritual value . and they are very important and have an educational, creative and cognitive aspect.

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quality initiatives
Fátima Al Mazrouei believes that the month of Ramadan is an opportunity to attend exhibitions of productive families and support local products in exhibitions, and through it people learn about specific initiatives that strengthen aspects of social responsibility and also remember. Memories of grandmothers and stories of mothers and all this helps to inspire and write new ideas, mention being active on social media, follow you, post important topics related to spirituality from the month of Ramadan and beyond. cultural activities and latest releases. Ramadan is also an opportunity to learn many skills and learn about people’s cultures in terms of food and clothing.
Regarding Al-Mazrouei’s childhood memories of Ramadan, he says: All I remember from my childhood is that my mother always prepared, cleaned the house, washed the rugs and bought new dishes before Ramadan. My family also used to buy Ramadan Mir which is a necessary food supply for breakfast and suhoor such as flour, rice, coffee and dates. Al-Mazrouei remembers that his mother cooked popular dishes like rabbit, balaet, porridge, rice, luqaimat, khabes, bhaita and other snacks, and he helped his mother to prepare them and prepare the raw material.

authentic habits
Al-Mazru’i narrates beautiful customs, such as sending food to neighbors’ houses before the call of the Maghreb, and adds that this custom was very common and children tasted with pleasure their neighbors’ dishes and found them. Let’s have breakfast and pray together and listen to the call to prayer, Quran and religious supplications, then go back to eating sweets, jellies and puddings as well as tatal (pickles) which is one of them. The first type of sweet known in the Gulf and often made during Ramadan with powdered milk, starch and cream.
And as for reading and traditional table books and what you remember about them during Ramadan, Al Mazrouei says: Yes, I was very interested in learning about ancient popular dishes and cooking them. Monitoring of people and programs. with the customs and history of the people.

Source: Al Ittihad

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