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Post: Visit Dubai’s thriving international cuisine scene


With the launch of the first Michelin Guide in Dubai, the Emirates take their place on the world’s culinary map.

“Our inspectors in this area have been in Dubai for years to monitor the evolution of the local culinary scene and the decisions we are making reflect Dubai’s potential as a diverse culinary hub,” said Gwendal Polnik, CEO of Michelin International.

“Stay by Yannick Alléno” tops the list with One & Only The Palm and “Il Ristorante – Niko Romito” at Bulgari Dubai, each with two stars and nine restaurants with one star each.

Commenting on the win, One&Only The Palm Culinary Arts Director Yannick Allen said bookings had increased by 30% overnight.

“I am very proud to be one of the first chefs to come to Dubai to establish itself as a gourmet space,” said Alino. “And Michelin is very important for the city because it means that the market is mature. There are many high quality restaurants.”

The “Trèsind Studio” was among the restaurants that received one star. Executive Chef Himanshu Sain is delighted with this award.

“Winning my first Michelin star is wonderful,” he said. “I think it will motivate employees.

It’s the pressure to keep [نجمة] One is the reason for getting two stars.”

The launch of the Dubai Michelin Guide will be followed by the inaugural edition of the 50 Best Restaurants in the Middle East and North Africa in early 2022, with regional participation from the Association of the 50 Best Restaurants in the Middle East and North Africa. The list is dominated by Dubai. There are three restaurants in Dubai in the top five, including fourth place “Trèsind Studio”, second and first place “Zuma Dubai”, 3Fils, a brand new restaurant in the port, with an Asian-themed menu. Top sellers expertly prepared dishes like “Hokkaido scallops” and “Wagyu Overload dragon sushi rolls” for just 10 to 20 euros.

More affordable and critically acclaimed food can be found at Time Out Market Dubai under one roof.

To support local concepts, the food court is filled with franchises offered by top local restaurants.

Courtney Brandt from Dubai, regular guest at Time Out Market Dubai. “When I have out-of-town guests, this is a place where I take them somewhere to sample the best local dishes. In addition, Time Out Market Dubai is close to top attractions such as the Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa. He knows me, he knows I love the garlic at Bitfire Pizza.”

New to the market is the Latin American “Slab Cocina”, led by chef Omar Rodríguez. Their sweet corn pancakes, with garlic mayonnaise and salty feta cheese on top, provide the perfect balance of flavor.

Another new fragrance on the market, “Lana Luza” brings a Portuguese flavor. The epic Portuguese sandwich “Francesinha” is a popular option, adapted to the Middle Eastern market, made with layers of cheese, slices of meat and sausages, melted cheese on top, spicy tomato sauce and fried eggs.

Visitors to the market can get Portugal’s most famous egg custard pancake, “pastis de nata”. Delicious pancakes filled with caramelized egg cream and cinnamon. These pancakes are the perfect dessert to serve to a world-inspired table in Dubai.

Source: EuroNews

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