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Post: Russian pop star despises Kremlin


Alla Pugacheva has been a pop star in Russia since the 70s. She has made political statements so far, she. Criticizing the Ukraine war could be dangerous for Putin.

Well-known Russian pop singer Alla Pugacheva harshly criticized Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. She wants to be among the foreign agents, as the Justice Department has blacklisted her husband, Maxim Galkin, as a “foreign agent”, the 73-year-old wrote on her Instagram on Sunday.

“Because I stand in solidarity with my husband, an honest, honest and sincere person, a true and irreplaceable patriot of Russia, who wants the prosperity of his homeland, a peaceful life, freedom of expression and the end of our children who died for deceptive purposes. make it harder.”

What does the classification as “foreign agent” mean?

According to Russian law, organizations and individuals suspected of involvement in political activities and considered to be foreign-owned can be appointed as foreign agents. The classification is of a rather derogatory character and gives reason to expect additional government monitoring.

Pugacheva is considered a superstar in her home country, implying emotional singing and colorful performances. She has shaped rock and pop music in Russia since the 1970s. Her success survived the collapse of the Soviet Union – she was one of the most dazzling showrunners in Russia with her constant TV presence, and her marriage to 27-year-old presenter and comedian Maxim Galkin was a constant topic in the tabloid media. .

After the start of the war against Ukraine, the couple left Russia for Israel. Unlike Galkin, who criticizes the Russian leadership in Israel, Pugacheva has so far made political statements.

Putin’s ex-songwriter: ‘hard slap’ to Kremlin

The repercussions that followed his criticism of the war were even greater. Political scientist Abbas Galliamov, who was once a songwriter for President Vladimir Putin, spoke of a “strong slap” for the Kremlin. “If there are still important people in the country on which consensus is reached, then of course it is Pugacheva,” he wrote on his Telegram channel. You’ve always left politics out. “Your sudden politicization can create the feeling in society that is very dangerous for the authorities: ‘Enough,’ he said.

Recently, local politicians and the Russian media have also voiced their open criticism of Putin.

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Source: ZDF

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