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Post: Putin described the country’s sovereignty as a guarantee of freedom for every Russian.


Russian President Vladimir Putin. Archive photo

Putin: Russia’s sovereignty is a guarantee of everyone’s freedom and the government will only serve the people

VELIKY NOVGOROD, September 21 – RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that sovereignty is a guarantee of freedom for every citizen of Russia, and a responsible and strong government will serve only the people of the Russian Federation.

“Sovereignty is the guarantee of everyone’s freedom, and in our tradition, a person cannot truly feel free if his people, his Fatherland, Russia, his Fatherland are not free. The responsible, powerful force in our state will only serve the people of Russia, and at the concert held in honor of his Putin, 1160th anniversary, Support for key issues of the domestic and foreign agenda is key to the successful and secure development of our country as one of the centers of the now emerging more just multipolar world.” Said. Birth of the Russian state.

Source: Ria

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