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Post: CSU: Gas price cap for part of private consumption


In the discussion of high energy costs, the CSU proposes capping the price of gas for the majority of private consumption. The FDP opposes funding from the federal budget.

Given high energy prices, the CSU state group has proposed a gas price cap for three-quarters of private consumption. CSU regional group chief Alexander Dobrindt told “Augsburger Allgemeine”:

For private households, it may be considered to limit 75 percent of previous gas purchases to the citizen base price.

Alexander Dobrindt, CSU

Beyond this limit, the full gas price will have to be paid. “This means that the incentive to save energy continues, but heat is affordable as well.”

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Call for gas price ceilings from several sides

A ceiling price is demanded not only by the Union, but also by economists and the left, to limit high energy costs. In most cases, a concept is proposed where, for example, a certain annual need for a household is limited to a fixed kilowatt-hour price. However, base quantities are also recommended for a fixed percentage of own consumption in the previous year.

Dobrindt demanded that the state intervene in electricity prices as well. “We need a new market design, and to do this the gas price must be subtracted from the electricity price formation and the wholesale price must be limited,” the CSU politician said of the “Augsburger Allgemeine”.

For a stable energy supply, the amount of energy must also be expanded. This is through “mainly nuclear energy” but also through more renewable sources such as biomass.

FDP: Gas price cap not from federal funds

The FDP in the Bundestag has made it clear that it refuses to fund a possible gas price cap from the federal budget. That’s because, according to FDP parliamentary group leader Lukas Köhler, “those who invest in a heat pump or pellet heating system also pay high gas prices.” Koehler told the “Rheinische Post”:

This cannot be done with FDP.

Lukas Köhler, FDP faction deputy

However, the FDP caucus is open to other suggestions as long as the costs are not passed on to taxpayers. It is important for people to quickly gain clarity on what to expect.

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