PoliticsItalian women have mixed feelings about Meloni

Italian women have mixed feelings about Meloni


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Giorgia Meloni may soon become Rome’s first female prime minister. Many Italians expect setbacks rather than women’s power if right-wing populists come to power.

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Italy may soon have its first female prime minister. If the polls are correct, the centre-right coalition will win. It includes the right-wing nationalist party Fratelli D’Italia (FDI) and its leader, Giorgia Meloni, who may later be tasked with forming a government.

The impetus for women’s rights in Italy?

On the contrary, Italians do not expect an impetus for women’s rights. Former communist activist Licia Donati says Meloni will break with the past as prime minister because a woman will hold the highest office of government.

But it would be a step back towards conservative women’s culture.

Licia Donati, activist

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Meloni, 45, recognizes the importance of motherhood and family, but women’s rights activists fear the freedom of Italian women. Donati fought for the legalization of divorce in the 1960s, which came in 1970. She worked to get the courts to treat wives as husbands in a country where extenuating circumstances were still possible until in 1981 when men killed women to protect “family honor” she.

Melonis FDI has its roots in neo-fascism

Melonis FDI, the “Brothers of Italy”, has its roots in neo-fascism. But Meloni assures that the Italian right handed this over to history a long time ago. While his party received only 4 percent of the vote in the last election in 2018, it is now estimated to receive around 25 percent of the vote. According to the polls, men are somewhat in the majority in Meloni’s voters.

Meloni especially avoided making women’s voices heard. But she also stresses that becoming the country’s first female prime minister would be a victory for her gender. Critics, on the other hand, do not see Meloni as a pioneer of women’s rights. “It’s going to be smart – it’s not a big argument, we just ‘we’re not enforcing it,'” says Senator Emma Bonino, referring to the current abortion law.

Melony: the traditional family basis of society

During the election campaign, Meloni was asked in the first twelve weeks whether she would abide by the law legalizing abortion, and then whether the mother’s life and limbs were at risk. She said she respects the law but wants it enforced in a way that supports women who choose to have children.

Who is Giorgia Meloni – a portrait in the video:

For Meloni, the mother of a six-year-old girl, “traditional” families are the foundation of society. The LGBTQ movement lobbies them, mocks the concept of gender fluidity, and stands behind the one-person adoption ban.

67 governments in Italy – not led by a single woman

Women in Italian politics have always had a hard time. Of the 67 governments since the founding of the republic after WWII, none of the governments have been led by a woman – and neither has a female president yet.

Despite dry rivers, scarce drinking water and extreme storms: climate protection and climate change play little role in the Italian election campaign before Sunday’s parliamentary elections. Not even with Meloni.

Source: ZDF

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