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Post: Gates: ‘Retirement is not the solution’


Bill Gates is investing billions of dollars in climate change. But global efforts so far have not been enough for “man’s most difficult project,” according to the Microsoft founder.

US billionaire Bill Gates fears that the fight against the world’s climate crisis and hunger will stall, 66-year-old told the German Press Agency in New York:

Financing for the climate transition still lags far behind what is needed.

Bill Gates

“The pace of innovation must accelerate so that green decisions everywhere become cheaper,” Gates continued.

Gates: Climate change investments not big enough

Necessary changes in climate change did not penetrate almost all people. “We have a very ambitious zero-emissions target by 2050. It’s not just about electricity and cars, you have to look at cement, steel, agriculture and airplanes,” Gates said on the sidelines of the “Goalkeepers” conference in New York. york

Investments in research and development in these areas are not large enough. Gates warned:

This is the most difficult project that humanity has had to tackle. Much of the physical infrastructure we’ve built over the last 100 years needs to change.

Bill Gates

The billionaire said this is “scary, especially when it comes to industries where emissions are more difficult to reduce.” But at the same time, “the degree of seriousness of governments and the private sector” has increased.

Gates hopes for more climate commitments due to crises

Gates said that rich countries have a responsibility to deal with the world’s major crises.

I also hope that civil society is more involved – withdrawing is not the solution to these problems.

Bill Gates

The Microsoft founder is investing billions of dollars in fighting disease and poverty around the world through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which he co-founded with his ex-wife.

Gates announced in July that he would transfer approximately $20 billion to the foundation. “I plan to give almost all of the money to the foundation,” he wrote on Twitter at the time.

The past few years have made us think more about the corona pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the climate crisis and the consequent problems in the food supply. “There is a lot of disappointment. We have compelling debt levels in many countries, including African countries.”

Foundation report: Global community misses nearly all UN sustainability goals

Within the framework of the “Goalkeepers” conference, the foundation announced about $1.3 billion in health and development investments.

The foundation’s latest report concludes that the global community has lagged behind nearly all of its 17 sustainability goals by 2030.

Gates drew attention to the need to make progress in agriculture. “They have to deal with population growth in Africa, and therefore they have to grow more food. They have to deal with climate change, which is not causing it, so helping them is more imperative than ever,” Gates told dpa.

Advances in agriculture are at the top of the list of things the world must do if they are thinking about adapting to climate change in any way.

Bill Gates

Source: ZDF

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