PoliticsWill the green high-flying Habeck crash?

Will the green high-flying Habeck crash?


Has Habeck failed in the energy crisis? The #Habeck resignation is trending on Twitter from time to time. Is the image of the falling high flyer correct? What do the numbers show?

When Robert Habeck took office as Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate in December 2021, he is at the top of the Politbarometer, third in the rating of the most important politicians in Germany. Ahead is only Chancellor Olaf Scholz and former Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Can’t you, old man!” – About the Robert Habeck energy saving bonus

Since February 2022, Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine has had a tremendous impact on the people of Germany. Gas is scarce and energy prices are rising rapidly. Robert Habeck’s crisis management is the focus. And this is generally viewed positively. His memes are going viral, getting excited and celebrated in many places.

It wraps up bad news with intelligible words, revolutionizing political communication, according to comments. “You won’t understand, old man!” in an interview with Marietta Slomka in heute magazine. says.

Watch the video with Robert Habeck saying: “You don’t understand, old man!”

Habeck has been in first place in the political barometer ahead of Chancellor Scholz since April.

Criticism of the Green Vice-Chancellor

But over the past few months, Habeck has been repeatedly criticized: for example, the liquefied gas deal with Qatar, Habeck’s later reluctant return to coal as the climate killer, and the gas tax controversy.

Also an important topic of discussion: Habeck proposes to keep nuclear power plants ready for use as backup. Ironically, nuclear power plants – one of the most important problems of the Greens. Attacks are coming from all sides: some think it’s unnecessary and say renewable energies could work too. Others don’t go far enough.

Has Habeck betrayed the ideals of the Greens?

Has Robert Habeck betrayed the ideals of the Greens with his decisions? Among supporters of the Greens, it was still 3.6 (from -5 to +5) in April and 3.5 in mid-September. The popularity of Greens supporters is relatively stable.

This means that the decline in reputation we saw in the Politbarometer was not due to its own ranks, but was rated much worse by supporters of other parties, particularly Union supporters and FDP supporters, compared to the previous month. .

Andrea Wolf, Wahlen Research Group

Andrea Wolf of the Wahlen Research Group continues: “I think there’s been a lot of events lately that have caused Robert Habeck’s ratings to drop.”

Habeck’s popularity ratings drop

In July, Habeck’s popularity ratings dropped slightly for the first time in months. On a scale of -5 to +5, it resulted in “only” 1.6 for all participants. Although still leading the rankings in September, it dropped to 0.9.

Source: ZDF


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