PoliticsCDU Vice Jung: Aid package needs clarification

CDU Vice Jung: Aid package needs clarification


The traffic light wants to protect citizens from rapidly rising gas prices with an aid package. CDU Deputy Jung thinks plans need to be clarified, for example the amount of debt.

After the federal government presented its plans for a “defensive shield” against high energy prices, Andreas Jung, deputy chairman of the CDU and energy policy spokesperson for the Union faction in the Bundestag, showed a willingness to speak up.

“We will support this constructively,” Jung said on Friday at ARD “Morgenmagazin” about the traffic light coalition’s plans. However, Jung also explained that there is still a need for clarity from the Union’s point of view, such as the amount of additional debt required for measures.

CDU Deputy Jung seeks transparency in debt amount

In particular, Jung criticized, from his point of view, the incomprehensible sum of the 200 billion loan mandates that the SPD, the Greens and the FDP plan to activate for the measures. The government was “guilty of any answer” as to how it found that amount. Transparency is required here, the “debt arm” should not be “frivolously” pulled.

It is true, however, that according to the federal government’s plans, “systemically important companies” should be supported first. The union also supports it.

Criticism of “chaos” about gas surcharge

Jung viewed positively the federal government’s waiver of the gas tax originally planned to support gas importers. “Government’s decision to cancel gas tax delayed”. However, “too much chaos has been created”. Economy Minister Robert Habeck (The Greens) recently “insulted” Union deputies in the Bundestag for making such demands.

On Thursday, the federal government introduced a 200 billion euro “defense shield” to protect citizens and companies from the unbearable costs of the energy crisis. In particular, a gas price brake is planned, within the framework of which the “basic consumption” of natural gas will be subsidized by the state until the end of winter 2023/24. Details of the plans are still open.

Source: ZDF

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