Post: Peskov commented on the statements of the president of Dagestan on the partial mobilization

Sergei Melikov. Archive photo

Peskov: Kremlin supported Dagestan president in criticism of excesses during partial mobilization

MOSCOW, September 30 – RIA Novosti. Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the Kremlin supports Dagestan leader Sergei Melikov in his criticism of the excesses during the partial mobilization.

“We support it,” said Peskov, answering journalists’ questions.

Earlier, video recordings appeared on social networks that the Derbent civil defense and emergency service car was driving around the city with a passport and military ID, with the warning “all male citizens must urgently appear to the military commissariat of the city”. This statement caused outrage among local residents. Derbent management, noting that this is an additional measure to inform citizens, promised to change the statement and bring the perpetrators to justice. Melikov called these partial mobilization warning methods “total stupidity” and promised the residents of Derbent “to urgently investigate the situation and take the strictest measures against the perpetrators”.

Source: Ria

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