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Post: Turkish President Kubicki reported


The President of Turkey filed a criminal complaint against the Deputy Speaker of the Bundestag Kubicki. He called Erdogan “a little sewer rat”. The FDP politician reacted calmly.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reports to the Deputy Speaker of the Bundestag Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP) for his latest statements about himself. In a speech ahead of the state elections in Lower Saxony, Kubicki described Erdogan as a “little sewer rat” in connection with his refugee policy.

Cologne lawyer Mustafa Kaplan filed a written criminal complaint against Kubicki on behalf of Erdoğan, and filed a criminal complaint for insult and insult. “Spiegel” had covered this before.

Lawyer: Statement “slander”

“Spiegel” is an excerpt from the lawyer’s letter to the responsible prosecutor’s office in Hildesheim. By the term “sewer rat” it should be understood that Erdogan is a person who is “morally neglected, morally humiliated and seen as disgusting”.

Kubicki is only concerned with defamation, not factual criticism. It was aggravated by the fact that the phrase “also for religious reasons” was difficult for Erdogan to accept. Meanwhile, Kubicki indirectly accused the President of using the refugees to put pressure on the West. This is clearly not true.

Because of Kubicki’s statement, Ankara had already summoned the German ambassador. Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Tanju Bilgic said in a statement on Twitter:

We strongly condemn the insulting statements made by Wolfgang Kubicki.

Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tanju Bilgic

FDP politician Kubicki reacted calmly

FDP Deputy Wolfgang Kubicki reacts carelessly to the request:

The fact that Erdogan has initiated nearly 200,000 such procedures since he took office in 2014 says it all.

Wolfgang Kubicki, Deputy Speaker of the Bundestag (FDP)

“In any case, I’m looking forward to a possible legal dispute.” Germany, unlike Turkey, is a constitutional state where freedom of thought and expression has central constitutional status.

According to his own statements, Kubicki had chosen the animal comparison in connection with Turkey’s refugee policy. Erdogan made an agreement with the European Union to reduce the number of refugees, which is advantageous for Turkey.

“Nevertheless, we have to see that the wave of refugees via the Balkan route is increasing again, which poses new challenges for German foreign and domestic policy,” Kubicki said. He added to his word choice “little sewer rat”:

The sewer rat is a small, cute, but clever and insidious creature, so it also appears as a hero in children’s stories.

Wolfgang Kubicki, Deputy Speaker of the Bundestag (FDP)

The advertisement recalled the case against TV presenter Jan Böhmermann

Almost six years ago, satirist Jan Böhmermann recited a poem on television about the Turkish president, causing a diplomatic scandal. The 40-year-old actress presented her ‘abusive criticism’ on the TV satirical show ‘Neo Magazin Royale’ in 2016 and associated Erdogan with, among other things, sex with animals.

Erdogan resisted in court and had partial success. The core of the case was the constitutionally protected freedom of art and expression on the one hand, and personality rights on the other.

Much of the poem was banned after the Hamburg courts’ rulings in recent years. Thus, the passages in question contained serious insults with no real evidence of Erdogan’s personality or behavior. However, the entire poem was not banned.

Source: ZDF

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