Politics"It's about saving the country"

“It’s about saving the country”


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Germany was deeply involved in the war and crisis. So deep that Germany is overwhelmed? Guests at “maybrit illner” signaled that this could be done.

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After weeks of debate between the finance and economy ministers, the federal government today moved away from the gas surcharge that curbs the gas price.

Eva Quadbeck of the broadcast network Germany (RND) sees this as a historic moment, similar to the relief packages in the corona crisis: “I assume that 200 billion euros will also be needed, as the loss of welfare reaches citizens and companies, the journalist says in Maybrit Illner on Thursday evening.

Nord Stream 1 and 2 as a landmark

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Author and Russia expert Katja Gloger sees the attacks on Nord Stream 1 and 2 as a turning point in the government’s handling of the crisis.

He probably needed this symbol: These tubes are now finally cut.

Katja Gloger, expert on Russia

At the same time, it should be feared that the war in Ukraine will continue for a long time – months or even years.

Lindner: Gas price brake is an all-inclusive strategy

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Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) emphasized that the defense shield is about taking the devastating burdens on people and companies.

In addition to gas savings, Lindner has put in place another component: the ongoing operation of three nuclear power plants and two more reactivations. “I think we should have an all-inclusive strategy,” Lindner said.

Merz: Don’t “double botch”.

CDU chairman Friedrich Merz pointed out that in addition to limiting gas prices, limiting electricity prices is another matter.

Regarding Chancellor Scholz’s statement yesterday that the 200 billion defense shield was a double blast, Merz warned:

It is important that there is no double botch at this time.

CDU President Friedrich Merz

Greens chief Omid Nouripour stressed that repealing the gas tax also prevents a huge gap in justice.

When asked about falling polls for traffic lights, Nouripour praised the behind-the-scenes communication – noting that outside communication needs to be improved.

Lindner: “Poll values ​​no longer count”

In terms of survey numbers, Christian Lindner was not impressed:

We are facing a very serious crisis. Polls no longer count. It’s about saving this country.

Christian Lindner, Federal Minister of Finance

Opposition leader Friedrich Merz saw upcoming tasks for the federal government as “open heart surgery without anesthesia”.

With the approval of the discussion group and backed by Nouripour: “And everything is under tremendous time pressure.” Consensus that very close coordination is needed at European and worldwide level to contain the energy crisis. And also many security questions in the room.

Putin draws a red line to the West

According to Russia expert Katja Gloger, Putin’s annexation of regions in the south and east of Ukraine will give him room to maneuver inside the country. “Putin draws a self-determined red line to the West. He creates an escalation potential that we have to deal with.”

Omid Nouripour emphasized that the entire system in Russia is based on fear. “And we cannot afford to be afraid. Accordingly, it is important that we and all other European countries look at what works and what does not work every day.” It is important that we “support Ukraine”. This needs to be coordinated internationally.

Lindner: Putin is unscrupulous

According to Lindner, Putin’s speculation that Germany and Europe are dying should not go unnoticed: “This would be a disaster for the values ​​of liberal democracies. What is sacred to us is also defended in Ukraine.”

  • It is clear that further climbing is always possible. “We see that Putin is unscrupulous,” Lindner said.

    Merz apologizes for social tourism

    At the end of the programme, Maybrit Illner asked the head of the CDU a question about the social tourism of Ukrainian refugees, which he raised. Merz reiterated his apology and also pointed out that the high refugee numbers this year meant that communities again sometimes faced very high tasks.

    Eva Quadbeck added that there is “a very contentious debate in the country” and that one should be much more careful when choosing their words. But according to Quadbeck: “You need to address this issue and also allow discussion without defaming anyone who lives here.”

    You can find the latest news about the Russian attack on Ukraine anytime on our live blog:

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    Source: ZDF

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