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Post: RKI has only five employees for checks


The Robert Koch Institute is said to have checked the corona test centers recently but there was no new position for it. Only five employees are investigating possible invoice fraud.

Here’s a new assignment the Robert Koch Institute has undertaken for the past few weeks: Control of corona test centers. RKI should check if the operator’s statements are reasonable or for signs of fraud.

However, for this task, RKI no new resources receive. RKI President Lothar Wieler said in Berlin on Friday:

There are about five people working on it right now. Of course, the people working on it right now can’t keep up with their other jobs, that’s obvious.

Lothar Wieler, President of RKI

Lauterbach advocates control of test centers

for five employees Control of all corona test centers across Germany – Isn’t it a little bit? “We do this based on our knowledge and belief,” Wieler says. But it also says:

I can’t talk about the results.

About Lothar Wieler control tests

The man who had the idea to have test centers controlled by RKI sits next to Wieler. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. Generally, the control of test centers works, Lauterbach says. RKI runs one epidemiological compliance check by.

When are statements reasonable?

What this means is: Suppose a test center calculates. 1000 tests supposedly from which all negative and not a single positiveRKI can sound the alarm and inform the municipality where the test center is located.

Lauterbach says they checked too Legal Health Insurance Physicians Associations accounts of exam centers. In fact, the number of samples here has doubled recently.

This is not a bad practice.

Karl Lauterbach, SPD

Wieler also argues with his wife

As early as July, RKI President Wieler had firmly resisted being used to inspect test centers. In a letter to Lauterbach, Wieler criticized his authority. no expertise in white collar crime. If you still need to take on the task, you need more staff.

this Dispute with Lauterbach Wieler doesn’t deny it, but he doesn’t want to over-dramatize it either. “It goes without saying that adults sometimes have differing opinions here and there, but that’s not something to report,” she says. And Beyond:

Sometimes I even fight with my wife.

Lothar Wieler, President of RKI

Source: ZDF

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