PoliticsExpert compared Putin's speeches "Crimea" and "Donbass"

Expert compared Putin’s speeches “Crimea” and “Donbass”


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Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks at the signing ceremony of the agreements on the integration of the DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions into the Russian Federation. Archive photo

Expert Tokarev: The difference between Putin’s speeches in Crimea and Donbass speaks of a break with the West

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MOSCOW, October 3 – RIA Novosti. In 2014, Russia maintained a space for cooperation with the West, and this year the sides have completely turned to hostility – such conclusions can be reached if we analyze the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the “Crimea” in 2014 and the speech on the “Donbass” in Russia. 2022, RIA reports News Aleksey Tokarev, Lead Research Fellow at the Institute for International Studies, MGIMO.

Transcripts of both speeches can be found on the President’s official website. The Crimean speech was longer: 4,646 words versus 3,828 in the 2022 speech.

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“One of the characteristic differences between the 2022 and 2014 speech in terms of the president’s rhetoric is the almost complete disappearance of Ukraine and its derivatives. In March 2014, Vladimir Putin uttered words with the root “ukraine-” 67 times. Tokarev, using them throughout the document (in the text only “rossi-“). ” the morphemes were saturated.) The speech of 2022 contains only six “Ukrainians”, of which the word “Ukrainian” is used once,” he said.

In 2014, he drew attention to the fact that Putin “directly, across borders and executive presidents” addressed three peoples – American, German and Ukrainian. He talks to the Americans about the value of freedom proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, reminding the Germans of Germany’s unity, hoping they will understand the integration of the divided Russians. More than 12% of the time of this speech, the President of the Russian Federation speaks to the citizens of Ukraine. Moreover, the very warm, the most personal, free from the coldness of formality, the phrases “our soul hurts for what happened in Ukraine,” and the country itself was called one of the leading partners.

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“The speech of 2014 was held in fundamentally different conditions – only the agreements with President Yanukovych, which were violated by the Ukrainian opposition and with the support of European mediators Steinmeier, Sikorsky and Fournier, were left behind, but neither Minsk-1 nor 16-hour Minsk-2 The expert noted that under these conditions, the conflict with the West has never been more acute on the agenda, and that Vladimir Putin only used the “west-” morpheme eight times in 2014.

The 2022 speech, he continued, outlines a long and difficult collaboration with the West that resulted in a war with their proxies in Ukraine. Instead of eight “west-” is used 33 times. In his speech this year, Putin mentions this country’s name seven times instead of two “USA” in 2014.

“The reasons seem to be very similar: After the referendum results, the regions of Ukraine join Russia, citing a common language, history, religion and culture. But how different are the conversations. Putin, despite being harsh in 2014, criticizes the unipolar world. , still says “We are not against cooperation with NATO, on an equal footing.” And for him, Ukraine is an unfortunate state in which the Ukrainians themselves must restore order. The Ukrainian state in 2022 is almost non-existent in terms of semantics, “- noted Tokarev.

He noted that the personal appeal of the Russian president, the interlocutor of the agency, has changed dramatically: instead of many kind words addressed to the Ukrainian people, Putin harshly says “Kyiv officials and their true masters in the West” and instead of a direct speech. Addressing the Ukrainian people, he indirectly describes their suffering as “Our brothers in Ukraine saw…”. Tokarev noted that the president devoted 72 percent of his speech to the multipolar world, the end of Western domination, aggressive US policy and anti-colonial rhetoric.

“Pronounced by the same person on similar occasions, but in radically different circumstances, these two speeches are documents of the time that allow us to record tectonic changes in world politics. Putin told the Ukrainians why Russia decided to return Crimea and why Russia “He is trying candidly to explain that he has decided to extradite it. It offers a future of partnership within the framework of good neighborliness. There is no sympathy for Ukraine as it has completely lost its subjectivity in 2022.”

In addition, legal justification and objection to similar historical events have also sharply declined. “Russia no longer cares what the former partners think, because they are old,” said the expert.

If former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s speech in Fulton in 1946 could be called “a retiree’s speech on the eve of war” and Putin’s speech in Munich in 2007 – “the speech of a strong national leader in a peaceful environment”. The “situation”, followed by the address now from the Kremlin, concluded that he was in the midst of military action on behalf of one of the world’s leaders.

Source: Ria

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