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Post: Kherson: Moscow confirms territorial losses


The Russian Ministry of Defense has acknowledged the territorial gains in the Kherson region of Ukraine. It was possible to break through the “defense” with superior units.

Ukrainian troops force abandoned Russian positions in the Kherson region

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the losses of its troops in the illegally annexed southern Ukrainian region of Kherson. Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Monday: “The enemy managed to break through our defenses in the direction of Solotaya Balka and Alexandrovka with superior armored units.”

Konashenkov said Russian troops “occupied a prepared defensive line” and inflicted heavy losses on the attackers.

Counteroffensive continues in Kherson

Kyiv and observers have also previously reported gains in Ukraine’s Kherson region, proving to be one of the toughest battlegrounds for Ukrainian forces – slower progress compared to the successful counteroffensive launched in September around the second largest city of Kharkov. in the northeast.

Ukrainian media published a picture showing Ukrainian soldiers in the village of Khreshchenivka in the Kherson region, where Ukrainian soldiers apparently violated the Russian defense. Russian military bloggers close to the Kremlin are increasingly admitting Ukraine’s field superiority in the region, reinforced by armored units.

Kirill Stremusov, a Russian-appointed governor in the Kherson region, admitted in a video statement on Monday that Ukrainian forces had gone “a little deeper”. “Everything is under control,” he insisted, but Russia’s “defense system is working” in the region. Ukraine has recently regained full control of the city of Lyman in the Donetsk region.

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Source: ZDF

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