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Post: Power in reality – both rear and front


BTR-80 of a separate material support battalion of the Air Force in the Zaporozhye region

It demands to admit mistakes in the preparation and conduct of a special military operation, to punish those responsible for defeats at the front, to purge the generals – and in general to “start telling the truth, no matter how bitter it may be”. ,” it is getting louder and louder. Otherwise, we will lose not in Ukraine, but in the war with Russia.

It all seems right and great: problems and mistakes must be admitted, the perpetrators must be punished (whatever their face), and a lie is often like a time bomb that will explode sooner or later and destroy everything that is built on it. But before I speak out loud, I want to clear up some details.

What is the Russian Federation? This is part of historical Russia – yes, this is its essence, its basis, but still far from all Russia.

Could the country become a self-sufficient, full-fledged state after the collapse of the USSR, as well as a state – the civilization of the Russian people? No, you cannot – because you cannot walk normally if you are deprived of one leg (Ukraine).

Has Russia formulated a national idea, created a new national elite, set its goals as a state? No – both because it’s part of Russia and because a large part of its elite grew out of the recession of the 90s, it succumbed to the collapse of the country, even made money from it, and never worried about “what’s in the coats of arms.” That is, he did not consider the reunification of Russian lands important. Yes, Vladimir Putin understood the vital importance of this issue before 2014. But even after the Crimea, the issue of reunification did not become central to our country, because the elite did not realize that the Rubicon had already been crossed and there was no turning back.

Russia can return Ukraine to the Russian world, or the partition of the Russian world will pass through the territory of the Russian Federation. This is not an exaggeration – there are laws of Russian civilization, the life of the Russian state: after every turmoil and collapse, it is collected again. If they do not gather this time, it means that the power of the nation has dried up, they do not want to continue their history. Is it possible? Yes, if the Russians give up and surrender themselves to the role of losers and there is no one among the people who can reverse the declining mood.

But what does the truth about the course of special operations have to do with it? Still determined to win, they just demand to deal with idiots and thieves, to be honest and to realize the seriousness of the moment. This is so, but if we correctly understand what Russia is before February 24 of this year, then we must honestly admit that that country no longer exists. A new country is born, historical Russia returns: the road to it will be long, and not only at the front. The outgoing Russian Federation, which Vladimir Putin did his best to peacefully reform from above, had many shortcomings, the desire of which a large part of the main elites to make the temporary permanent.

That is, from the transitional form with which the country was historically associated with Russia (after the collapse of the USSR), to create a stable state with a socio-economic system inscribed in it to the international division of labor and even class division. The framework of the Atlantic globalization project, with a cult of profit, consumption and pleasure. No, of course Putin talked about values, traditions, patriotism and true sovereignty, confrontation with the West, but many in business and government (not to mention the creative class) did not understand and did not want to understand what was what. being discussed. Because they did not recognize their country (as is Russia, not the current Russian Federation), they did not respect their people, did not consider their interests and values ​​​​as their own (unless, of course, we do not take material values). They did not believe that Russia would return, thinking that during their lifetime there would certainly be enough power and wealth.

But Russia is making a comeback: it was not Putin who launched the military operation on February 24, but the course of Russian history has led to another collection of land. Heavy, bloody, but irreversible. How many mistakes were made in these seven months? Yes, a lot, but it all comes down to how we lived after 1991. We lived in a transitional period, thinking that it was permanent, trying to integrate into the Western-style world system, even realizing that it was hostile to us and was already collapsing. They developed foreignness, imitating the values ​​and lifestyles of others, forgetting themselves.

Yes, in the 1990s and even in the first half of the 2000s, we succeeded in restoring control over the country, removing the oligarchs from power, replenishing the state budget, raising the standard of living of the people and launching serious initiatives. But by moving away from destruction, cleaning up crooks and scammers, we have not been able to achieve an effective personnel policy at all power levels. A lot of work has been done to train and replace personnel, to fight corruption, but a kind of “public-private partnership” has been preserved, in both government and business, or in other words, a joint cutting of government funding. What is the result of this? Records, imitation of activities and in combat conditions – lack of weapons, ammunition, fully trained and well-served military personnel. All this came to light after February 24 – and now we have to fix it with sweat and blood.

can’t we fix it? Yes, if we stay in Russia before February. But the fact of the matter is that country no longer exists: The new one was not born on September 30, when it was reunited with the four regions. He was born in all these months – and each day and month will reveal itself more clearly. There will be great changes in the economy, culture, social structure – everything that determines the life of our people. And, of course, first of all in the army – to fight as much as possible now. Worse than we wanted, worse than we could do? But this is the army of our outgoing temporary state, which has many problems and wounds, birth injuries and incurable diseases – why should its army be stronger than itself? But this Russian army – and in the transition to it, its role in the birth of a new state is huge. Because without his victory, nothing will happen. The old state will go, but we will not establish a new one.

Yes, we need all the truth – and now it sounds very simple: We must all do everything possible at all levels for the victory of our army. And do not fall into loops in search of “stupidity or betrayal.” It is very important not to succumb to temptation: they say, the Commander-in-Chief does not know or does not want to do anything, let’s open his eyes or push him – and the problem will be solved. This is the beginning of the road to real disaster, because then he will be “a traitor if he does not do as we say”. By February 1917 we were already guided on this path – and we will not repeat it.

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