PoliticsThe abortion debate in the US

The abortion debate in the US


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Can a woman decide to terminate her pregnancy? Should doctors be convicted of abortions? Questions dividing the US – shortly before the election.

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An anti-abortion activist and a gynecologist in California want to save lives – but their views couldn’t be further apart. After the U.S. Supreme Court revoked the right to abortion in June, states could decide for themselves whether to outlaw abortion. Of the 50 US states, 14 have already imposed bans – and there will likely be more.

Cons: “Abortion steals a human life”

Abortion is still legal in Democratic California. The anti-abortionist Danielle Versluys wants to change that: “Abortion steals a person’s life. That’s why it should never be allowed in a freedom-loving country. Because if a child is killed, the child has no freedom.” She is the co-founder of Stanton Healthcare, an organization dedicated to preventing abortion worldwide.

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Versluys has a regular mobile practice in the parking lot in front of an abortion clinic in Victorville. His car, which looks like a converted mobile home, reads “take back the abortion pills” in large letters.

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Women who come here for abortion should be made aware of its purple float. Pregnancy tests, ultrasound examinations, brochures and discussions are given to women here. Finally, Danielle has a clear goal: women must decide not to have abortions. The moment on the ultrasound is especially important for him:

A woman can see that it is her own child who lives and moves in the womb. We see a heartbeat on the screen, a small flickering light.

Danielle Versluys, anti-abortion activist

Versluys explains: “She opens her eyes to the truth and what abortion means to her and her child.”

Pro: Policy “must not interfere with our exam room”

Dr. Pratima Gupta. A gynecologist in San Diego. She helps women give birth to their babies and also performs abortions. Abortion should not be taken lightly, but it is part of the treatment spectrum for her patients: “Statistically, one in four women will have an abortion at some point in their lives. We know abortion is extremely safe. And it’s really important. normalizing them as part of treatment.”

He finds the new bans much more dangerous. He fears this will not prevent abortions, it will only make them much more dangerous. Women are looking for unsafe alternatives and doctors can no longer care for those affected:

Medical decisions should be left to a patient like me and their trusted doctor.

doctor Pratima Gupta, gynecologist

“It shouldn’t be done by legislators without a medical education. They shouldn’t interfere in our exam room, make decisions, and tell me how to practice medicine,” says Gupta.


In fact, California is seeing an increase in abortion rates. Because many women have to travel here from other US states where abortion is prohibited. Activist Versluys has limited sympathy: “I think it’s fair for women to go on a journey to do something that has cost a human life. We shouldn’t make it easy for women to take a life.”

Pro: “Abortion ban is an attack on women’s rights”

Gupta fears the abortion ban is just the beginning – other birth control methods may be restricted as well. And this has a tremendous impact on women’s self-determination and emancipation:

Banning or restricting birth control truly deprives individuals of the opportunity to pursue higher education, get a job, work from home.

doctor Pratima Gupta, gynecologist

“This is truly a horrific attack on women and women’s rights and anyone with a womb who wants to take charge of their own body,” she said.

Cons: “The best birth control is a monogamous relationship”

Abortion rival Versluys takes a different view: US birth control methods are not at risk. Yet the seven children cannot truly disapprove of their mother and reminds them of the negative effects of the contraceptive pill:

The best birth control is to be in a monogamous relationship where you are open to having children.

Danielle Versluys, anti-abortion activist

“But as long as birth control doesn’t affect the life of an unborn child, it’s a personal choice.” His verdict on the abortion doctors is clear: “I hope they choose another profession for them, because their souls are destroyed by the decision of death.”

Gynecologist Gupta knows this point of view. She and her colleagues became enemies of the anti-abortion movement in the United States. Some of her patients are even surprised to find that Gupta is empathetic. Empathy probably doesn’t fit the killer stereotype.

Abortion problem helps Democrats

For or against – many women like to be able to make their own decisions. For this reason, politics professor John Pitney stated that the court decision was met with great anger, especially among women. shifts too much support.”

There is a noticeable increase in female voter registration ahead of the US midterm elections – this problem seems to be pushing women in particular to the polls.

Source: ZDF

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I am Timothy Glover, a professional journalist and content creator. I specialize in writing and editing for news websites, specifically covering politics. I have been working as an author at News Unrolled for the past five years and have built up a reputation for producing quality content that is both informative and engaging.


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