Politics"Adults cry": countries angry at the federal government

“Adults cry”: countries angry at the federal government


No one knows how the gas price brake will work in detail. The states have stepped up the pressure on the federal government today: help is needed urgently. The situation is dramatic.

Stories like this one told by Prime Ministers today to tell the drama of the energy crisis in the Bundesrat: Kahla-Porzellan, a traditional company from Thuringia, is threatened with production shutdown because the energy-intensive company has not received approval. new gas contract

A Saxon baker who has received new advance payments must now charge 1.50 euros for the roll. About to go bankrupt.

“The adults standing in front of me are crying,” says the Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer (CDU). Kretschmer said that in the Federal Council these people should not be given “sedating pills”. Now you need help – “direct, fast, uncomplicated”.

Thuringia lost 170 million euros

The disappointment and anger at the inconclusive departure of the Prime Ministers from his meeting with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) continues to show. Although the Federal Council approved the reduction of the value-added tax on energy to seven percent this Friday, as Bodo Ramelow of Thuringia (left) puts it, it was simply “heavy at heart”.

Because people needed a signal that they wanted to lower energy prices. 170 million euros are currently missing from the Thuringian budget. Not knowing if the federal government will bear any costs due to the energy crisis.

Daniel Günther (CDU) of Schleswig-Holstein spoke of a “notably clever” scheme: first to announce the 200 billion package, then to present nothing at the state conference, but to seek approval for measures in the Bundestag:

People can’t do anything with a double bang if they don’t know what it means to them personally.

Daniel Gunther (CDU)

Gas Commission’s Criticism: “Useless”

The federal government is making the more concrete form of the aid package dependent on the gas price brake, which a commission formed by the traffic light coalition will negotiate over the weekend and present Monday. A phased model with subsidized base consumption is discussed. But this is not certain yet. One-time payments are also mentioned.

Prime Minister Ramelow criticized the commission’s “launching of individual balloons” as “useless” and “unbearable”. You need a “very quick perspective”. Günther urged the federal government to quickly clarify: “We have our hands outstretched, please don’t refuse the handshake anymore.”

Giffey: The Bund’s turn

The fact that even the prime ministers of the SPD do not shy away from criticism shows how deep the anger of the federal states is. Franziska Giffey from Berlin said the expert commission “clearly needed to come to concrete conclusions”. “Speed ​​is the deciding factor”, 16 federal states campaigned for gas price brakes, now it’s the federal government’s turn.

Manuela Schwesig, from Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, said at a recent prime ministers’ conference that things were “not going well”. He warned:

The subject is burned in the street.

Manuela Schwesig (SPD)

“You have to be quick, because people expect it”. However, federal and state governments should no longer point fingers at each other, but work together to “regain trust” as they did in the Corona crisis.

Kretschmer objections and demands

Kretschmer demands it too. You must find a consensus among the parties. They want to “talk rationally to each other”:

We are political rivals, but not enemies.

Michael Kretschmer (CDU)

But it especially makes sense for the federal government to listen better to the states: His municipalities told him that planned housing assistance from the traffic light government “wouldn’t work that way” because it was too expensive, according to Kretschmer. The closure of nuclear power plants and the longer operating times of lignite-fired power plants are “absurd”. A “wave of bankruptcy” is approaching in the industry, and potential investors are already saying no.

Despite all efforts, cooperation between the federal and state governments has clearly not improved much. Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) has today submitted a draft to other federal government departments on the use of the economic stabilization fund for the multi-billion dollar aid package. Countries also caught him around 9 o’clock.

Source: ZDF


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