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Post: What you need to know about the Lower Saxony elections


The state parliament will be elected in Lower Saxony on Sunday. What comes after the five-year grand coalition of the SPD and CDU? Parties, candidates, positions and coalitions at a glance.

About 6.1 million people were called to vote in Sunday’s state elections in Lower Saxony. The ballot in the second-largest federal state by area is the last of four state elections scheduled this year.

The grand coalition of the SPD and CDU has ruled Lower Saxony for five years. Both sides had recently spoken out against the continuation of this alliance. The SPD aims to form a coalition with the Greens. Red-Green had already ruled in Hanover between 2013 and 2017. Given the recent poll numbers, it may not be enough for a black-green alliance.

This is what the polls look like

The SPD is 28 percent ahead of the CDU by 33 percent, according to the ZDF political barometer on Thursday. The Greens are 16 percent and the AfD is ten percent. Therefore, both can expect significant increases compared to the last state elections. But it may be tight for FDP, projection values ​​of five percent. At 3.5 percent, the left is clearly threatening to fail at the five percent barrier.

Source: ZDF

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