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Post: Central Council of Jews concerned


The Jewish Central Council is concerned about the AfD’s recent electoral successes: President Josef Schuster sees growing signs of anti-Semitism in Germany.

Josef Schuster, Chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, reacted with alarm to the AfD’s electoral success in Lower Saxony and the party’s rise elsewhere.

“I am very concerned about the renewed uptrend of the AfD, as well as other radical movements gaining ground due to the energy crisis,” Schuster told Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND).

Schuster: Uncertain times strengthen radical forces

“The current development is repeated evidence that in uncertain times people take refuge in radical forces and simple ideology, as evidenced by the AfD’s doubling of election results in Lower Saxony and the high vote rates of the Brandenburg AfD state association. ” said.

When it comes to finding someone to blame for crises and problems, Schuster says, it’s often the Jews who should serve as scapegoats.

I worry about the rise of anti-Semitism in the winter, but I also see a danger to our society and democracy as a whole.

Josef Schuster, President of the Central Council of the Jews of Germany

In the state elections in Lower Saxony last Sunday, the AfD rose from 6.2 percent to 10.9 percent and, after several back-to-back electoral defeats, was again able to make significant gains for the first time against the background of the current energy crisis.

Source: ZDF

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