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Post: Partial replay of the Bundestag elections in Berlin


At the request of the three traffic light groups, the Bundestag election review committee spoke in favor of a partial rerun of the Bundestag elections in Berlin.

Due to numerous setbacks, the Bundestag elections to be held in Berlin in September last year will be repeated in 431 constituencies. An appropriate recommendation to the Bundestag was decided on Monday by the election review committee by votes of traffic light representatives, President Daniela Ludwig (CSU) said on Monday.

327 constituencies and 104 postal constituencies affected

Accordingly, 327 out of 2,256 constituencies in the capital and 104 out of 1,507 postal voting districts are affected. It should be done again in the first and second voices.

The Bundestag still has to decide that. It is assumed that he will probably make an appropriate decision this week. However, it is unclear when a partial re-election will take place, as in the opinion of the parliamentary groups this situation is likely to be challenged in the Federal Constitutional Court.

The wish, of course, is that citizens very quickly become clear when and to what extent the federal elections will be repeated in Berlin.

Daniela Ludwig, CSU

Their impact on the composition of the Bundestag is also unclear. If partial repeat turnout is low, this may result in fewer deputies from Berlin being represented in the Bundestag.

Chaotic conditions on September 26, 2021

The federal election on September 26, 2021 was chaotic at many polling stations in Berlin. There were long queues, waiting times, incorrect or missing ballots, so the polls had to be temporarily closed. In many places, the ballot boxes remained open until 18.00 for those waiting to cast their votes.

The administration was hopelessly overwhelmed, as the House of Representatives and the twelve district parliaments were re-elected at the same time as the Bundestag. A referendum was also held on the expropriation of large housing groups. The Berlin marathon, which was held at the same time, made it difficult for election workers to deliver ballot papers, for example because many streets were closed.

Source: ZDF

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