PoliticsHow Republicans are crushing Biden

How Republicans are crushing Biden


Republicans won a majority in the US House of Representatives. What that means and how they want to take action against Joe Biden now.

As soon as the Republicans gain a (extremely narrow) majority in the House of Representatives, they announced that an investigation would be launched against US President Joe Biden. They have a lot in their goals: Hunter Biden, withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Justice Department’s actions against Donald Trump.

Republicans will make it harder for Biden to come to power in the next two years. Because they can not only use their powers for a parliamentary investigation against him, but also block legislative attempts from the White House. They also take control of important committees.

  • Republicans are likely to launch various investigations. The note says:

    • Chaotic withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan
    • Border policy of Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Majorcas
    • School closures and mandatory vaccination during the corona pandemic
    • However, investigations into the President’s son, Hunter Biden, will be prioritised.

    Priority: Hunter Biden investigation

    Republican Representative James Comer, representing the state of Kentucky in the House of Representatives, launched an investigation into Hunter Biden and the Biden family at a press conference on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

    Comer said that this investigation is not about Hunter Biden, but about President Biden, as the President alleges that he was directly involved in suspicious business and financial transactions with foreign countries and companies.

    Republicans accuse Biden of lying

    MP James Comer stated that Joe Biden was not aware of these agreements. “It was a lie.” Comer said the business, including in China, was mostly run by Biden’s son, Hunter. But according to informants, Joe Biden was involved.

    The question at stake is whether the president is compromised by foreign currency and poses a threat to national security.

    House of Representatives can block legislative initiatives

    Republicans can also use their majority to bring impeachment proceedings against cabinet members and to block bills at any time. Both chambers of Congress are involved in the legislative process.

    The House of Representatives is particularly important when it comes to budget matters. Republicans threatened to raise the debt ceiling or block financial aid to Ukraine. The President can veto a bill proposed by the House of Representatives. However, Republicans will be able to pass some bills on their agenda.

    In an interview with CNN news channel before the midterm elections, McCarthy explained his approach to coming to power. These include the fight against inflation, increased crime and border security.

    Senate decides on personal details

    However, with the Senate Democrats winning, Biden still has an opportunity to push the candidates forward. Important personal data at the federal level, such as ambassadors, cabinet members or federal judges, must be approved here. In addition, Democrats in the Senate can also block legislative initiatives initiated by Republicans in the House of Representatives.

    The newly elected House of Representatives will meet for the first time on January 3rd.

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