PoliticsQatar: desert, gas and penetration

Qatar: desert, gas and penetration


Its gas made Qatar rich. Which country is the host country of the 2022 World Cup? And who lives in the desert state? Questions and answers about the country outside of football.

Qatar is hosting the Winter World Footballers’ Cup, which will start on 20 November. The country is known as a rich desert state with large gas reserves. Who actually lives in the country? How is it run and why is influence so important to him in the western world? Questions and Answers to better understand Qatar.

Where exactly is Qatar located?

Qatar is on the east coast. Arabian peninsula in the Persian Gulf. The desert state shares a single national border with Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are very close.

With an area of ​​approximately 12,000 square kilometers, Qatar is smaller than Schleswig-Holstein. The country is only 180 kilometers long and 80 kilometers wide. It consists almost entirely of desert, so it is in Qatar. almost unbearably hot in summer With peak values ​​above 50 degrees Celsius.

What type of government does the country have?

country one absolute monarchy With Islam as the state religion. The current head of state is the 42-year-old Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani. the family Al Thani it determines the fate of the country from the capital Doha and controls the most important mail and companies in the country.

The family has about 5,000 adult members – among which there are disputes over succession, positions, and money. This has been the case since 1971, when Qatar gained full independence from Britain.

There is no elected parliament, no free media. You do not read articles criticizing any emir or king in the Gulf.

Aktham Suliman, Syrian journalist

Population: Who lives in Qatar?

Claims to have a Qatari population about three million people. But there are only ten to twelve percent ethnic Qataris. Rest of them migrant workers mainly from South or Southeast Asian countries.

Why is the country so rich?

Qatar is incredibly big gas deposits in the Persian Gulf, which the country shares with Iran. And he knows how to use it, too: In just a few decades, Qatar has become the largest emitter of liquid gas in the Arab world and the third largest emitter of liquid gas overall.

The state, with approximately 38 million tons, about 20 percent of the volume exported worldwide. This puts a lot of money in Qatar’s pocket. As a result of the war of aggression against Ukraine, Germany is also showing an increasing interest in Qatar’s gas reserves.

Qatar has been expanding its gas production since 2017, looking for new markets, looking for new customers.

Guido Steinberg, Islamic scholar

What does Qatar do with its wealth?

Build, build, build – Doha now has one magnificent skyline. Internationally, Qatar uses its money to buy influence with investments – in Germany as well. Qatari investment companies own about 17 percent of Volkswagen shares, more than 6 percent of Deutsche Bank and about 3 percent of Siemens shares.

Panorama of Qatar skyline with a standee.

A lot of money is also pouring into the Qataris’ favorite sport: Football. Paris Saint-Germain has owned 100 percent of Qatari investment firm Qatar Sport Investments since 2012, and through Qatar Airways the country sponsors FC Bayern among others. Influence and corruption suspected at Qatar’s 2022 World Cup.

How does Qatar get along with its neighbors?

But Qatar is not just about luxury and football. The country uses its wealth for a basic need: security. The country is in a conflict with its neighboring countries Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, which led to the country’s isolation already in 2017.

Qatar wants to secure itself with economic as well as military ties and leaves alliances for example with Iran, Turkey and the USA.

Qatar: Why is the human rights situation critical?

Although women in Qatar enjoy more freedom today than they did a few years ago, they are not treated as equals with men and cannot hold power and position in politics and society. also deal with LGBTQ community It has been criticized for the prohibition of homosexuality in the country.

Also under criticism Relations with Islamist groups such as the terrorist organization Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another point of criticism is migrant workers. There is no doubt that the working conditions of guest workers in Qatar are very bad. skull system.

Guest workers in Qatar – what is Kafala?

Qatar’s way of dealing with migrant workers was based on the kabala system, which means: employer about the place of study, duration and length of stay in the country definitely. It comes from Bedouin customary law. It is considered officially removed.

Ella Knight, of the human rights organization Amnesty International, criticizes the working conditions harshly: “They work so much overtime, usually twelve hours a day, every day, seven days a week for months, without a day off.”

Migrant workers are underpaid and often live in so-called labor camps.

Ella Knight, Amnesty International

Source: ZDF


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