PoliticsSomewhere between breakthrough and bankruptcy

Somewhere between breakthrough and bankruptcy


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If climate change were a human, it would be brutal, stubborn and utterly apolitical. This is exactly why world climate conferences are so important, despite all the justified criticism.

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Particularly from the perspective of poor countries, the world climate conference (COP27) in Sharm el-Sheikh was a real breakthrough: In the future, a UN umbrella fund should “automatically” help with climate-related damage, such as storms, floods or rising sea levels. It was a success, even if it wasn’t decided who would pay and exactly who would watch everything until next year’s conference in Dubai.

It can and can be criticized that the final declaration pretty much maintains the status quo of the previous year, the only achievement being that these agreements are not diluted in the face of the energy crisis. The 1.5 degree limit is still achievable.

It affects poor countries as well as rich countries.

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Climate change is unscrupulous. Most governments around the world have now accepted this. The consequences affect rich countries as well as those who do not have enough to survive even without storms and droughts. Climate change doesn’t care that these countries contribute almost nothing to global warming.

And it’s moving forward. It is as unrelated as it is to the protests, the climate packages, the calls, and the so-called. It is based solely on how high the global concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is now and how much it has increased.

Freedom of expression and war have no meaning.

It is also apolitical. It is not a democrat, nationalist, socialist or monarchist. Freedom of expression, oppression and wars mean nothing to him. Only greenhouse gas emissions matter, whether in China, Egypt, the USA or Germany.

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Mitigation should be the overriding goal. This needs to be negotiated, or at least discussed at world climate conferences. Suspicious sponsors, private jets and human rights must be addressed, but they play only a secondary role in the need to make progress on climate protection.

Small partnerships are important

Many small partnerships and alliances on the fringes are much more important. For example, between China and the US to minimize methane emissions, or between Germany and Indonesia and other countries to expand renewable energies. Agreements and draft concepts, talks and debates, in which small and poor countries always have a say – perhaps outweigh the unanimous final declaration, the big showdown at the end of the COP.

Because this alone should not be a criterion for making a catchy judgment about the climate conference. From the very beginning, it lacked what it took for neither an extraordinary breakthrough nor a resounding failure. Not because the goal was formulated long ago and the set of rules was accepted. The Paris climate agreement is in the implementation phase. Now the time has come for concrete measures – the time of hammer blows in front of the cheering delegations is over.

Climate targets are not enough

To put it bluntly: Global ambitions are still far from sufficient to limit global warming to a manageable 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial times. There is still much to be implemented and decided upon. World climate conferences provide a forum for this, promote it and censure where necessary. And even if the results often don’t meet expectations, talking to each other is always better than not.

Mark Hugo is an editor in the ZDF environmental department.

Source: ZDF

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I am Timothy Glover, a professional journalist and content creator. I specialize in writing and editing for news websites, specifically covering politics. I have been working as an author at News Unrolled for the past five years and have built up a reputation for producing quality content that is both informative and engaging.


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