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Post: What remains: hunger, terrible experiences


Russian troops withdrew from some places around Cherson. But the trauma of people continues.

We’re going near Cherson to places evacuated by Russian troops just a few days ago. Moscow soldiers had a garrison in Snihorivka, and the people were not going to leave the town.

Olga, 15, experienced firsthand the eight-month occupation of Russian soldiers in Snihorivka, near Cherson. Olga was threatened with heavy penalties for not wanting to attend Russian school classes.

Her mother refused, saying she would continue to attend her school’s online classes. “But it kept crashing because the Russians cut off the internet connection,” Anna says. The Russians left before the situation around his daughter escalated.

The queues of the hungry for food donations are too long

Now the mother and daughter wait every day in a square in the middle of the village, hoping for a donation of supplies. Cabbage is being handed out to those waiting from a big truck today, very little for anyone standing here. Shops in town, including pharmacies, are closed.

A few weeks before Snihorivka, Ukrainian troops managed to drive the invaders out of the Kharkiv region in the northeast of the country. There, aid has already begun, with funds from Unicef.

“We brought medicine, hygiene supplies and food to many villages in the surrounding area,” says Larisa Bludova, deputy mayor of Balakliya, who organized the distribution of relief items with UNICEF.

The people there were very grateful because they have neither gas, water nor electricity. Everything they cook is heated over an open fire.

Larisa Bludova, politician

“For six months they received neither pension nor any other humanitarian aid,” says the politician.

About the profession at 15: “I read a lot”

Olga stands in the garden of the small house and lowers a bucket of drinking water on a long rope into the well and lifts it up again. She also cooks her tea in a wood stove.

  • While the Russian soldiers were in the city, he almost never left the house. Most of the girls her age were gone, most of whom had left Ukraine with their parents at the beginning of the war. “I’ve read over 100 books,” Anna says.

    Traumatic experiences for everyone

    Just before a strategically important junction, we pass the remains of a completely destroyed transport of Ukrainian ammunition, which did not reach the front. Soldiers still neutralize mines. Just two days ago, one of them was seriously injured when a booby trap exploded in the Snihorivka cemetery. A traumatic experience for everyone here.

    Olga does not immediately notice the tension of the occupation. She is perhaps capable of acting – her biggest dream is to become an actress.

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Kherson residents line up to fill containers with drinking water.

Cherson after the separation of Russia

What remains: hunger, terrible experiences

Russian troops withdrew from some places around Cherson. But the trauma of people continues.

By Henner Hebestreit

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