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Post: “No sanctions for families with children”


In the dispute over citizens’ income and planned sanctions, the child protection association is now calling for an exception for families with children. Otherwise, the risk of poverty will increase for them.

In the dispute over citizens’ income, the child protection association calls for a general prohibition of sanctions on families with children. “Sanctions don’t usually hit people who sit in the train station with a beer bottle in the morning. Children suffer the most from sanctions,” Heinz Hilgers, head of the Child Welfare Agency, told the Germany (RND) editorial network.

There should be a general ban on financial sanctions for families with children.

Heinz Hilgers, President of the Child Protection Association

He urged the union and traffic light parties to end their “game” and implement citizen income according to the traffic light coalition’s plans. “Lack of agreement primarily hurts families and children,” Hilgers said.

The debate on citizen income: not enough incentives to look for work?

At New Year’s, the traffic light coalition wants to replace the Hartz IV system with citizen income. The relevant law was passed in the Bundestag, but failed in the Bundestag last Monday due to resistance from the Union.

The mediation committees of both houses of parliament are now trying to find a compromise on Wednesday. In addition to higher standard rates and more protective assets, traffic light plans provide less enforcement.

From the point of view of the CDU and CSU, too many so-called protective assets are given to those affected. Also, according to critics, those who benefit from citizen’s income will have to fear little sanctions for breaches of duty.

The reform will have to pass the Bundestag and the Bundesrat next Friday for the reform to take effect on January 1, as the traffic light coalition has planned.

Child Protection Association: Quickly implement basic child safety

The child protection association also warned that the traffic light coalition’s key child safety plans need to be implemented quickly. Without them, for example, two to three children continue to be at risk of poverty in a family where the father is the taxi driver and the mother is the hairdresser, Hilgers said.

These families would have to increase their workload or deal with bureaucratic practices for housing allowance and child benefit.

Source: ZDF

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