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Post: Islamic Center Hamburg leaves Shura


Considered an outpost of the Iranian regime: the Islamic Center Hamburg, classified as extremist, resigns from the Council of the Islamic Community.

The Islamic Center Hamburg (IZH), which represents the Iranian government in Europe and is monitored by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, resigned from the Hamburg Council of Islamic Communities (Sura). This was announced by the head of Shura, Fatih Yıldız, on Sunday evening after a parliamentary meeting.

We did not make our job any easier and we had many discussions that led to the conclusion that IZH is no longer a member of Schura.

Fatih Yıldız, President of Shura

The Islamic Center in Hamburg is considered the outpost of the mullah regime in Tehran

Controlled by Iran and therefore classified as extremist, IZH, which operates the Blue Mosque in the Alster, has been under surveillance by the secret service for years, according to the Hamburg State Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

His membership in Schura has been heavily debated as the city of Hamburg signed a state agreement with the council, and that agreement is now under consideration ten years later. The pressure has increased, given the bloody crackdown on system-critical protests in Iran in recent weeks.

It was demanded that IZH be closed down

Over the weekend, the Greens who co-govern Hamburg—like their previous coalition partner the SPD—decided at a party conference that the IZH should no longer play a role in contracts with the city.

The CDU, AfD and FDP in the Hamburg Parliament have been demanding the suspension of the Islamic State Agreement for years due to Schura’s membership of the IZH. About two weeks ago, the Bundestag also campaigned for the IZH’s closure and urged the federal government to review a ban procedure.

Schura president calls for constructive criticism

Deputy Chairman of the Council Özlem Nas warned that criticism should be expressed in a constructive way. Hostilities against the center, burning of the Qur’an or bodily harm are “clearly cross-border”.

In cooperation with the city, the shura helps organize Islamic religious education in schools.

Source: ZDF

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