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Post: 19 vs. Merz: the last liberals of the CDU


CDU for traffic lights? In a statement on immigrants’ right to reside, 19 Union politicians support traffic light plans. They want to abstain from the Bundestag.

It must have felt for the faction faction leader Friedrich Merz (CDU), as it felt for Angela Merkel a few years ago. At that time, a small group of renegades opposed the plans of the faction leadership. Today it is about the plan to simply reject the draft law on the right of residence of traffic lights. At the time, Merkel was involved with her plan to save the euro. However: Merkel led a government and Friedrich Merz only led the opposition. The former Chancellor’s pain should have been much higher.

Hermann Gröhe: Just a hero, now a pervert

Topping the list of “slingers” is Hermann Gröhe, now vice-president of the parliamentary group. He was still the famous hero of the Union faction, last week, when he forcibly took Union demands from the ruling coalition on citizen income. He is now following a special path with a few.

These include prominent figures, some of whom were ministers or ministers from the Merkel era, such as Armin Laschet, Yvonne Magdas, Marco Wanderwitz, Monika Grütters, Anja Karliczek and Annette Widmann-Mautz.

Here is an interview with CDU leader Friedrich Merz about skilled workers from abroad in the ZDF morning magazine:

Traffic light plans “logical and pragmatic”

After all, the provocation is not that big. It wouldn’t particularly hurt anyone to abstain from the first reading, which should be in the Bundestag on Thursday. But the group’s material arguments are interesting. For those that have been tolerated for many years, the proposed changes are “logical and pragmatic”, according to a statement presented to the CDU/CSU parliamentary caucus on Tuesday.

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Ultimately, the increased chances of staying will only target immigrants who “have lived in Germany for at least five years, have not committed any crimes and cannot be returned for various reasons.” And, as if to prove that it is acting in its own tradition, it is said that “the federal government led by the CDU/CSU has also made simplifications and changes in the last 16 years”.

However, people who refuse to participate in the identity check and thus prevent their deportation should continue to be excluded.

Dobrindt: Debate shouldn’t use wrong people

Evidence of the recent revolt of liberals in the Union and a rightward shift in immigration policy in the Union? In fact, the CDU and CSU have declared resistance to the three existing traffic light immigration policy projects – the law on the immigration of skilled workers, the amendment to the citizenship law, and the right of residence. On Tuesday, the parliamentary group leadership strongly warned traffic lights against “negotiating” on German passports.

In the same breath, CSU regional group chief Alexander Dobrindt warned that this should not be turned into a campaign. “You shouldn’t steer the discussion in a way that benefits the wrong people”. But Dobrindt said the alternative is to not have this discussion at all. Then “part of the population will feel excluded”.

The statement by the 19 CDU/CSU parliamentary group members contains a particularly tactical element. According to the bylaws of the parliamentary group to which each member commits, deviating votes must be reported to the parliamentary group leadership in advance. They did it with the description. They also noted that they could not follow the course of the party and parliamentary group leadership.

Source: ZDF

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